View Full Version : JNES is the best NES emulator there is!

September 12th, 2002, 12:58

I have tried a whew emulators, and found that JNES is the best NES emulator (Project64 the best N64 emulator ;) ). I have a suggestion for you, Jabo. Can this emulator have same kind of language support as PJ64, so that people can start translating this emu as well?

Jabo, you are the best emu maker out there :thumbsup:, keep up the good work.

September 12th, 2002, 14:09
Jabo didn't do all the work in PJ64, but I'm sure he'll love the compliment nonetheless. And I agree... he is pretty damn good at what he does. :)

*Sound of Jabo's head swelling*