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December 10th, 2001, 21:18
Can anyone give me more details on this emu????? Is it a work in progress? Have any of the mods spoken to the author and what are his aims?

December 11th, 2001, 01:09

thats all i got

December 11th, 2001, 02:27
As you read in my post, I tried out the Windows version with a few demos, and it worked. I talked to Fake64 coder HCl, and he told me the Linux version worked as well. It's early stages though, and it doesn't run anything else but demos.

Neither has the source been released, not yet. I don't know if there's any plans on releasing it. The author is from France. That's about all I know. :)

December 11th, 2001, 14:22
I am developing this emu since a long time when I have free time. Recently I started to work on this more seriously and finally decided to make it public.
I started this project because at the beginning of this project, there was no n64 emulator for Linux in developement. The windows version was born only a few hours before I put it on-line : I tried to compile it with a cross compilator and find that it works (I've just added a little open file box to make the emulator easier to use on a windows system). I hope that mupen64 will be able to emulate mario64 soon but it will probably be slow. My main objective now, is to make a plug-in system and maybe to be compatible with other emulator's plugin in the windows version.
The sources will not be opened now mainly because i think the sources are not understandable at their current state and because of other personnal reasons, but I really think that one day I will open the sources.

December 13th, 2001, 20:13
Cool, best of luck with it. :D

December 13th, 2001, 20:29
maybe you and the Fake64 team should "work together" with stratagies and help each other
maybe you could have mario working sooner =)