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August 11th, 2002, 03:02
I was wondering how I could change the track. I just couldn't figure it out. Whenever I open an NSF file, it will only play the first song, nothing else. Can anyone tell me how I could change tracks because I love listening to NES songs in Stereo. It sounds very good. Thanks for any help! :)

August 11th, 2002, 11:13
hmm.. i'd never tried that my self, but yea, it rules listening to Goonies 2, Bionic Commando and Journey To Silius in Stereo :)

August 11th, 2002, 11:22
You should be able to use a program such as, Total Recorder, available from:


You could then record the audio stream as a .WAV, then convert each individual track into an MP3.

There are also some NSF playback utilities available here:


August 13th, 2002, 11:32
hmm.. do u know a windows one for SPC's?

August 14th, 2002, 04:30
Thanks for your replies. Well, I use Winamp to play NSF files already, but in Mono. I tried Jnes just to see how they play and they played very well. The point for this post was so I could find out how to change tracks in Jnes. If you can't change tracks, then perhaps it could be a new feature in a future release of Jnes.

Btw, Nick, I use SNESamp but it's a plugin for Winamp (2.x). If you use Winamp, then there is no problem, if not, then go to www.zophar.net and find an SPC player there.

August 19th, 2002, 19:07
The way to change songs is to use the NES D-PAD, the instructions should actually be printed on the screen when you open a NSF, and should be written in that lovely readme that comes with Jnes...

if not someone let me know because that is confusing :)

August 19th, 2002, 22:09
Hmm...well, for me there were no instructions on the screen when I opened it (the screen remained black) and I didn't see anything in the help file about how to work with NSFs. Unless I didn't see them, I don't know. Anyways, Thanks for telling me on how to change tracks, it did work. Heh, when I trying to figure it out, I never though the D-pad would control it, I was just mashing the buttons. :D Keep up the great work on Jnes! :) I just LOVE Super2xSai, it makes the game look so much better :)