View Full Version : please Make 4 Player~

August 8th, 2002, 18:49
i play jnes on kaillera online.
kaillera online game is 2player max~
please make 4player Controller,
i want 4player max in kaillera ~^^
Good work~ Jabo

August 9th, 2002, 13:06
What Games Used 4 Player?

August 9th, 2002, 13:33
kunio's soccer league and Downtion nekket koushin kyoku and...
Nekket Hockey and Nekket Shin kiroku! and Nekket Kakutou Densetsu and Nekket KouKou Dodgeball Bu and Nekket Street Basket and Nintendo World cup...used 4player
Technos Japan's game can play 4player
Thank you,Nick_Kidid0

August 10th, 2002, 09:11
Well.. i dont think it would work, since the emulator dosn't even support it offline, yet alone online.. Its a good idea though :)