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July 25th, 2002, 05:21
<Jeremy-> my knuckles are hella strong
<Rjx> ever seen fight club?
* Rjx does a great tyler durden laugh
<Jeremy-> i could punch a 2 inch board and BAM break it
* x2f|drunk will brb
<Jeremy-> ive seen fight club yes
<Rjx> heh, strength is worth jack **** if you ain't got good improvisation
<Jeremy-> yeah i know
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<Jeremy-> ive once ONLY ONCE actually created a ball of energy in my hands
<Rjx> uhh..
<Jeremy-> took me a half hour 45 minutes to an hour to concentrate
* Rjx pats Jeremy- on the head
<Rjx> isn't it bed time?
* x2f|drunk thinks jeremy is confusing dragonball with his real life
<Jeremy-> pure silence... in the middle of the night when my family was sleeping...
<Jeremy-> lol
<Rjx> well, psychic energy and that ****, it exists
<Jeremy-> yeah
<Rjx> I've proved it to myself
<Jeremy-> its all based on kinetic energy
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<Rjx> I dunno what it's based on
<Jeremy-> rjx: you and me are very special lol
<Rjx> I've always been able to influence people in real life, almost planting thoughts
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<Rjx> recently got into astral projection and stuff
* x2f|drunk gets scared and runs away ..
<Jeremy-> yeah but i only influence if i know its true
<Rjx> but it's hard to seperate the bull**** from the real stuff
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<Jeremy-> heh
<x2f|drunk> hey flow``
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* Rjx is glad he is a muslim, he has moral values
<x2f|drunk> eh?
<Rjx> people would be in for trouble if I was evil >:D
<x2f|drunk> i have no religion rjx and i have moral values as well
<Jeremy-> lol
<Rjx> why do you have moral values?
<x2f|drunk> well maybe i just know right from wrong
<Jeremy-> oh well i dont think the world is ready for any control of their own kinetic energy at all
<x2f|drunk> i dont need a church to tell me that
<Jeremy-> or else...
<Rjx> heh, the world ain't ready for the true power humans possess
<Jeremy-> well see dbz and you'll know
<Rjx> it'd destroy itself
<Jeremy-> yeah
<x2f|drunk> spooky **** jeremy .. humans are dumb enuff as they are
<Rjx> the longing for power is just too much for most people
<Jeremy-> so i think we should leave it alone
<Jeremy-> and just use our hands and fists
<Jeremy-> and feet and legs and what not lol
<Jeremy-> and pushin in, pullin out, pushin in, pullin out lol
<Rjx> it's not much use in a fight
<Rjx> too much concentration required
<Jeremy-> unless you practiced it for like 50 years lol
<Rjx> not really
<Rjx> the brain would have trouble co-ordinating so many functions
<Jeremy-> hey do you know how a human being can fly
<Rjx> yep
<Rjx> buy a plane ticket
<Jeremy-> no
<Rjx> you can fly wherever you want
<Jeremy-> i mean using no machines
<Rjx> if you're talking about levitation, that's bull****
<Jeremy-> concentrate their energy and put it under you and make it push you upwards
<Jeremy-> thats how
<Rjx> no
<Jeremy-> yeah
<Rjx> that's no possible, to provide enough energy to life the body
<Rjx> *lift
<evileon> when your high, you can fly.
<Rjx> anal electricution is the only way to truely fly
<evileon> try it
<evileon> get a pound of panama red
<Jeremy-> lol
<Jeremy-> funny rjx ;)
<evileon> put it in a nice arabian bong
<Jeremy-> ok ok evleon
<Jeremy-> *evileon
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<nemulate> I've often thought it's just a matter of concentration
<Jeremy-> we get the idea
* Rjx likes to stay clear of drugs
<Rjx> I have enough mental disorders as it is
* Jeremy- agrees
<Rjx> I don't need to go ****ing myself up more
<Jeremy-> i dont have mental disorders, im just lazy sometimes lol
* SJR[tv] is now known as SJR[zzzz]
<evileon> hey heres an idea, jump off a building and concentrate your energy on flying
<Jeremy-> HAHAHA
<Jeremy-> that wont work
<Rjx> lol, evileon
<Jeremy-> you have to start out small
<Rjx> you can't fly
<Rjx> you can't fly using mind power
<Jeremy-> well than dont use your own energy
<evileon> with all the negative g's might be the energy you need.
<Rjx> not even the tibetan buddists could do that
<Jeremy-> use the energy also thats in the air
<Jeremy-> with the other living things such as molecules, plants, and other things
<evileon> i wish i were flying right now
<Jeremy-> same here
<evileon> buy me a pack of panama jack plz
<evileon> :)
<SirRadeon> someone's been watching too much dbz...
<Jeremy-> i have enough energy to know how to fly but i cant do it
<evileon> panama red
<evileon> lol
<Jeremy-> too much strain and too much time
<Rjx> heh
<Rjx> look, it's goku!
<evileon> yes
<x2f|drunk> yeah ..
<evileon> its me!
<Jeremy-> WHERE?!
<Jeremy-> WHERE
<SirRadeon> next thing i'll be hearing king kai exists...
<Jeremy-> lol
<Rjx> no, I firmly believe flying isn't possible
<evileon> you should see half baked
<evileon> its an awesome movie
<Jeremy-> next thing we'll see the flying nimbus lol
<Rjx> I've witnessed a load of other scary **** myself though
<evileon> it inspirers you to smoke marijuana
<Rjx> so I've proved to myself what is real and what is not
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<Jeremy-> maybe
<x2f|drunk> kid, u need to get away from the damn tv
<Jeremy-> shutup
<Rjx> hehe
<evileon> kinda like the movie with the retarded kid simon birch
<x2f|drunk> im serious
* Rjx doesn't watch TV anymore
<x2f|drunk> neither do i
<Jeremy-> im on the computer most of the time
<x2f|drunk> tv sucks
<evileon> i watch movies sometimes
<Rjx> I just download any **** I need from the internet
<evileon> whatevers on ppv mainly
<x2f|drunk> yeah :)
<evileon> and the DVD's i buy
<Rjx> I watch the news

lol that was a hell of a discussion

July 25th, 2002, 10:42
this is why I hate Dragonball

July 25th, 2002, 15:11
x2f|drunk> kid, u need to get away from the damn tv

'nuff said. even tho i was drunk :)

July 25th, 2002, 17:55
you know.. it's convos like these that ppl see and make them NOT wan't to see what's going on in #emulation64..

July 28th, 2002, 02:05
lol :P