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December 8th, 2001, 15:04
PS2 Development Tools
Sacrament of creating of games for PlayStation for many while a riddle. For this purpose Sony produces very nice toolkit. The full name of a product: PlayStation2 Development Tool DTL-T10000. It was anonsirovan Sony September, 13, 1999, that is one month prior to the announcement itself PS2. PlayStation2 Development Tool shows program toolkit for development of appendices on the basis of a computer of own development. By this means Sony has supported foreign manufacturers. Cost of pleasure: 17000$

PlayStation2 Development Tool has in itself some essential improvements, concerning toolkit for the first Playstation which required for the work ordinary PC. It represented a payment which stuck in a computer. Process of development of appendices for PSX thus was complicated subject matters that there were problems with connection of a workstation on a network.

The new toolkit, as against old for PSX, unites in itself two modes. A usual mode of programming and debugging of a code and a new mode of a workstation. If earlier for this purpose it was used PC in new mode PlayStation2 Development Tool works on basis Linux and allows developers to create to the diagram directly in PlayStation2. Earlier it was possible only on a separate computer. As the toolkit allows to work in a network under the report of CSMA-CD, the result - process of development speeds up and becomes simpler. On PlayStation2 Development Tool it is possible to develop all: games and video rollers.

CPU: Emotion Engine - 294.912 MHz
RDRAM: 128Mb (Direct RDRAM)
Graphic processor: GS (Graphics Synthesizer)
Frequency of work: 147.456MHz
Videomemory: 4MB

The information to whom it is interesting to those:)

December 10th, 2001, 07:00
Is this to develop psx games? If I want to code for the ps2/psx I have to pay all that? Cause if so, daaaaaaaamn.

December 11th, 2001, 23:52
yup, thats to dev ps2 games, and VTT posted it becuz info from this kit can be very helpful if ur making a ps2 emu...prolly a very, very tough task

December 12th, 2001, 06:42
Once again Regards. I have opened the given subject matter for those who is fond of development of videogames or will be keen in the future. Yes the price of the given complete set not small but if closely to read about that that she can do, at once understand that more cheaply the complete set will not find. If to speak about my opinion that I shall tell fairly, even though I would have so much money I the given complete set preobretat' did not begin.

December 13th, 2001, 00:58
vvt.. whatever happened to that n64 emu that would be released in december? =p

December 13th, 2001, 01:59
Originally posted by flow``
vvt.. whatever happened to that n64 emu that would be released in december? =p
Recently I am very much borrowed, study takes away from me time for a spelling of the emulator. Already as week I have ceased to find time of emulation, my plans gradually fall. Probably release of the emulator will be held only after a winter vacation. :blush: