View Full Version : Jnes 0.50 beta 1 - I didn't have the chance

July 14th, 2002, 05:42
Well, I didn't have an opportunity to see the new version at all.
It simply doesn't display any graphics on my machine (though games seem to run), either in window or in fullscreen! (AMD K6-2 266 MHz, S3 ViRGE 375 2MB, 64 MB RAM). The previous version worked OK (and don't tell me that my machine sucks - I know it is. Still, it meets the requirements)
By the way, could anybody tell me, how stereo sound could be enabled on NES, a platform that never had such option?
And finally, the job done seems ok. At least, the interface improvements impress. But the sound emulation problems (in Battletoads, James Bond Jr) remained the same.
P.S. Oh, sorry. That topic posted by whirlwind (problems with my jnes or something). I seem to have the same problem.
And really, what jnes lacks is hotkeys to change resolution.

July 15th, 2002, 01:29
Hmm well, I won't say your machine sucks, but what I would say is that you lack video memory, 2 megs is rather low.. If you could provide me with more information it would be helpful, generally speaking Jnes should give you errors on load when something fails.

July 15th, 2002, 05:39
Not enough memory? But if I'm not mistaken, Jnes requires 2 megs to run in fullscreen, right? And there was an error message when loading certain games, but the whole system locked up on load failures, so I couldn't read it. Most of roms were loaded successfully, and the sound and controls were functional. The screen remained blank.
Today I located the bug: Jnes doesn't display graphics in high color 16 bit mode. When I switched to 24 bit, it worked. It was so slow! The only way to get something playable was turning off the sound... By the way, when playing an NSF file, the information was displayed correctly even in 16 bit.
Well, that's it. Oh yes, my OS was Windows 98 SE.
I am compelled to turn back to 0.40 beta 2. It rocks even on my machine, with sound & things enabled. IMHO, the newer versions of emulators must be made faster, not slower. Especially when no noticeable improvements are made in video & sound quality. Nevertheless, thank you, Jabo.
P.S. I still hope the thing that happened to me is a bug. Any more information?

July 15th, 2002, 20:23
Jnes requires probably no more than 1 megs of video RAM, all I meant was it can run rather low with 2 megs while windows is running, it should still work though.

The reason 24-bit color is slow has nothing to do with Jnes, that video depth is unaligned for access at the pixel level, which causes great performance loss, I should really document that somewhere it's extremely important... it's also why I removed it from 0.40 beta 2, I disliked it when people use that mode ...

Back to your question about why 16-bit color doesn't work in windowed, which is the color depth you should use to get full-speed, It's probably an error in either the 15/16 bpp handling, I can check it out sometime this week, I have an ATI Rage Pro, and it works here, ... in the mean time feel free to go back to 0.40 beta 2, since that has working 15/16 bpp handling for you.. this is why it's in the beta stages right now, things may not work.

July 16th, 2002, 05:18
Thank you, Jabo.
BTW, 16 bit doesn't work in the fullscreen either.