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July 10th, 2002, 13:39
Now thats a big story! It's quite interesting for me. Ok be ready.... start reading... NOW:

[03:57:37] <linker|zz> omg.... this is the ultrahle source code... the link i4get gave us
[03:57:52] <RatAway> omg.. really?..
[03:57:56] <RatAway> omg omg omg..
[03:58:00] <linker|zz> omg
[03:58:00] <linker|zz> omg
[03:58:01] <linker|zz> omg
[03:58:05] <linker|zz> :P
[03:58:08] <@flowness> lol doh, it's the decompiled uhle.exe
[03:58:10] <@flowness> the one that wont re-compile
[03:58:14] <linker|zz> flowness no
[03:58:15] <RatAway> w00t w00t w00t w00t w00t..
[03:58:18] <@flowness> even dextrose has it
[03:58:20] <linker|zz> did you download it
[03:58:22] <linker|zz> no
[03:58:25] <@flowness> ya
[03:58:28] <linker|zz> this is another one
[03:58:32] <RatAway> lol
[03:58:32] <@flowness> do i have c++ no
[03:58:32] <linker|zz> i just saw the code
[03:58:39] * reapern66 has joined #emulation64
[03:58:42] <RatAway> omg omg omg..
[03:58:42] <@flowness> i opened it with wordpad
[03:58:42] <@flowness> ppl have no lives :P
[03:58:43] <linker|zz> flowness... just look at it with notepad
[03:58:52] <RatAway> oh my good-o.. like they would say in animes..
[03:58:57] <@flowness> i just told you i did
[03:58:59] <linker|zz> i know the decompiled version.... it sux
[03:59:06] <linker|zz> but this is real code
[03:59:16] * reaperXTC has quit IRC (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[03:59:16] <@flowness> lol no its not
[03:59:20] <@flowness> it has thecpy's INI in it
[03:59:21] <@flowness> mofo..
[03:59:27] <linker|zz> flowness...do you understand c?
[03:59:49] <@flowness> uh.. no
[03:59:55] <@flowness> i dont code
[03:59:55] <@flowness> i dont have c++
[03:59:58] <linker|zz> then stfu
[04:00:05] <@flowness> you stfu :O
[04:00:05] <RatAway> lol
[04:00:10] <@flowness> i'll ban yo ass!
[04:00:10] <@flowness> ph33r!
[04:00:13] <linker|zz> i don't think somebody will write thousands of code
[04:00:17] <RatAway> flow.. your doing this all wrong..
[04:00:19] * Redah changes topic to 'wewt! - http://syndicate2001.envy.nu/Playmate%20Heaven.html - wewt!'
[04:00:20] <linker|zz> just because of fun
[04:00:23] <RatAway> it's the real code flow :p..
[04:00:34] * @flowness winks at RatAway.. i see
[04:00:36] <@flowness> :D
[04:00:37] <linker|zz> i'm not sure if it is the real
[04:00:38] <@flowness> ok your right
[04:00:39] <@flowness> i'm wrong
[04:00:39] <RatAway> ;)..
[04:00:40] <@flowness> [email protected]
[04:00:44] <RatAway> lol..
[04:00:48] <linker|zz> but i just say that it looks pretty real
[04:00:50] <linker|zz> that's it


[04:01:55] <Pir4nhaX> linker|zz: sleep, 3am dude
[04:02:02] <linker|zz> 4am actually
[04:02:12] <Pir4nhaX> oh
[04:02:18] <linker|zz> ah, nm
[04:02:21] <RatAway> <Pir4nhaX> oh my god. how did Redah know my true form
[04:02:29] <@flowness> // loadsave.c
[04:02:29] <@Redah> rofl
[04:02:31] <RatAway> sounds very ghey..
[04:02:38] <linker|zz> i know
[04:02:48] <Pir4nhaX> linker|zz: im working in osund plugin now :-)
[04:03:01] <linker|zz> but why would somebody write thousands of code just because of fun?
[04:03:04] <linker|zz> i can't understand
[04:03:05] <linker|zz> ah, nm
[04:03:18] <linker|zz> i haven't seen the whole code
[04:03:20] <@flowness> LOL
[04:03:22] <@flowness> hInst = hThisInst;
[04:03:22] <@flowness> MessageBox(NULL, "ph33r da l33tness", "YES", MB_ICONEXCLAMATION | MB_OK);
[04:03:28] <RatAway> nobody would write stuff for fun..
[04:03:40] <@Redah> it's probably code from pj64 :)
[04:03:42] <RatAway> that could be the secret code everyone's been looking for..
[04:03:49] <Pir4nhaX> RatAway: mhh
[04:03:53] <linker|zz> Redah, maybe
[04:04:01] <RatAway> no really.. go post it at ET..
[04:04:01] <@flowness> someone attempt to compilse this crap
[04:04:01] <Pir4nhaX> RatAway: nah
[04:04:01] <RatAway> plzzz :D..
[04:04:01] <@flowness> :P
[04:04:21] <linker|zz> just that the code looks real... i don't know... maybe it's from pj64, or from another emulator... it is possible
[04:04:53] <linker|zz> ok, nm
[04:04:59] <linker|zz> i'll see it later
[04:05:12] <@flowness> LTEXT "Modifications by freeflow",IDC_STATIC,151,
[04:05:12] <RatAway> :(.. what happend to.. "omg omg omg.. i've found the uhle source code!?!?"..
[04:05:13] <@flowness> ok guys.. i'm freeflow
[04:05:14] <@flowness> :O
[04:05:23] <@flowness> flow/freeflow r u ppl stupid
[04:07:31] <@flowness> cpu/linker please attempt to compile this P
[04:07:31] <@flowness> :P
[04:07:40] <linker|zz> nah
[04:07:42] <linker|zz> i won't bother
[04:07:44] <linker|zz> too late
[04:07:48] <linker|zz> tomorrow maybe
[04:08:03] <@flowness> cmon dude! dude! dude! it's uhle beta beta :o
[04:08:10] <@flowness> </boredom>
[04:08:23] <RatAway> yeah.. "omg omg omg" remember?..
[04:08:32] <linker|zz> flowness: for last time i'll say: I DO NOT KNOW IF THIS IS THE ULTRAHLE SOURCE. IT JUST LOOKS REAL?
[04:08:40] <@Aprentice> show me the code
[04:08:40] <linker|zz> HOW MANY TIME I HAD TO SAY THIS?
[04:08:51] <@flowness> this is like the holy grail ;o
[04:09:14] <RatAway> yah..
[04:09:14] <@flowness> IF YOU COMPILE IT! YOU'LL KNOW!
[04:09:19] <RatAway> and linker is dumb enugh to give it away to someone else so they can post at ET and take credit for it..
[04:13:44] <@Aprentice> thats real code, but is it uhle code? i havent figured that out yet
[04:14:03] <@Aprentice> if its fake someone went through alot of trouble extracting the images out of it
[04:15:02] <@Aprentice> hmm
[04:15:32] <linker|zz> yes
[04:15:38] <linker|zz> it looks very real
[04:15:50] <linker|zz> look at the rdp


[06:36:18] <@Aprentice> IT WORKS
[06:36:18] <@Aprentice> THE SOURCE IS REAL
[06:36:21] <@Aprentice> =)
[06:36:25] <@Aprentice> mario 64 is running

Who's the l33t-est one now?

July 10th, 2002, 13:40
Answer: Aprentice

CpU MasteR
July 10th, 2002, 13:46
Originally posted by linker
Answer: Aprentice

Damn Str8 ;)

July 10th, 2002, 14:06
sorry guys.. but i don't get why you would post half an hour of me and flow making fun of yous.. lol.. oh well :).. eather way.. if you had donne as we said from the start.. you would've been the first ones to post :p.. lol.. and btw.. why did you take out all the juicy stuff?.. half of that don't make sense..

July 10th, 2002, 14:19
you can post the rest

July 11th, 2002, 04:32
do you know how long i idle in #emulation64?..

if i kept logs of that channel i'd have my HD full..

July 11th, 2002, 05:10
that's why i posted the most interesting part :D.

July 11th, 2002, 06:59
no.. you cut it.. so it didn't look like we where making fun of you guys :p..

July 11th, 2002, 07:20
but i was right, wasn't i?

July 11th, 2002, 07:26
who said you was wrong?.. i kept bugging you to post about it :p..

July 11th, 2002, 07:36

July 11th, 2002, 16:06
u guys idle on irc for hours and dont manage to have this discussion in pm instead of this board? :P