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December 7th, 2001, 04:17
Another question I'm sure has already been answered....

Will the new version of PJ64 support the opcodes to run Banjo Tooie? I have yet to see a single emulator that supports BT. If 1.4 is going to be the last version of PJ64 :( I hope you guys think about including those opcodes to the emulator.


December 7th, 2001, 05:43
The guys said no but the next nemu8.0 will run it:D

December 7th, 2001, 20:39
i have heard the copy protection is a bit of a ***** .. i don't think nemu has fully cracked it yet.. although i believe LaC is the only one who has some idea of how it works ..

December 7th, 2001, 20:43
yup, cracking is LaC's bag. PJ team will not attempt BT, not worth the time.

December 7th, 2001, 21:01
I think Im gonna cry

December 7th, 2001, 21:03
Aww, come on. Its not our faut they had to get smart on that one game and put hack protection on it.