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July 5th, 2002, 18:48
Just a small question.
Has anyone tried using pokowin or any other tool to join the files Lemmy gave out on live dance music? He was asking if anyone new the band who was playing.
Just wondering if he may have hid some plugin or something to do with the new version of nemu in there.

I know (sorry if it is the wrong name) but pokowin lets you mislead people into thinking a file is one file when it actual is more when combined with its additional files. Example a picture *.jpg looks like a picture you can open it what ever. You can have a long seqeunce of pictures, looks like frame by frame of a small trailer, but when you join them with pokowin you can extract, the complete movie.

I've been busy so I never tried yet. Figure I should ask, might be someother prog you can use, ehhhhhh whatever.

July 6th, 2002, 05:21
Ohh please...i dont think Lemmy is someone who is doing that kind of stuff....if he wants to release something, he would do it offically or he would just send it to selected testers---

July 6th, 2002, 06:16

July 6th, 2002, 07:46
geeee! Sorry, for suggesting it, what do you mean by "that stuff" does it make Nemu less great or put down the prowes of NEmu!?

Hell no!

Why is that such a bad thing for them to do such a thing?

It would be kinda clever!

DAmn I've been following nemu for years. Pretty much from the beginning, just in the shadows. So [email protected] don't take me as some cheap @ss lame poster.

I enjoy emulation,

i don't care for playing games much any more,

Sega Saturn emulation is very exciting right now.

I own a SAturn, still love it.

Fabien is spilling his heart out for his baby.

But you see, Nemu was one of those things that intreged me, and I am still interested after all these years.

Lac and Lemmy's determination for perfection, is what is missing from a lot of people today. I enjoy seeing great brains at work

The best example of dedication is "Pete" that guy works hard, always putting 300% and to his emulation work.

RIght now I am just really botherd with your responce,

Why do you Ruesselschnurps take offence to this simple question? and now you mock a simple question.

I did not even ask for a release!!!

I am not asking for "rom's", "playabe roms", or anything to do with something stated before.

Again why is it wrong for them to do such a thing? not saying nemu 8 but something for people to play with?

I don't know lemmy. I don't know lac.

And I am sure thier asses are not root.ed to the floor.
I remember them on the old board and they where not arogent.
I saw common sence, humor.

I am sick of a lot of sucking up that has been happening.

Just a simple, "I don't know", "no", or "I have not tried this" would have been cool

NO, you piss off some one, you mock them, to better yourself in hope for reward. To show dedication?

Russel you are on here a lot helping people out, all the time,
You must be respected

Why did you bash me like that? Just cause I never posted before?

July 6th, 2002, 10:22
O.o *backs away*

July 6th, 2002, 12:07
If I could be bothered, this would be the point where I drop to the floor and roll around laughing.