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November 25th, 2001, 23:22
I think that a rom request section might be helpful. I don't want to put requests in the only close enough section (Genenral N64) because they get closed. Can the moderators please make a Rom Request section?

November 26th, 2001, 00:08
I'm sorry, but this isn't Nintendo64HQ aka Spinal's site. We don't apply with ROM requests, and we never will.

November 26th, 2001, 02:03
whatever happened to Spinal?

November 26th, 2001, 04:28
He moved his roms to an IRC bot, not saying where though :P

November 26th, 2001, 09:36
Rumours has it that he's working on a new site...


December 1st, 2001, 12:54
...which will open on the first on dec, Im not sure if it is the first of dec this year though...and this is of course still a rumour....

December 5th, 2001, 16:01
Originally posted by mesman00
whatever happened to Spinal?

his site link can be found in his irc chan :) nice fella is spinal, just cant spell the word question :)

December 9th, 2001, 01:41
MGS .. rings a bell
wasn't that a dumping group for n64 games?

December 9th, 2001, 01:43
any idea who dumped ->

Bass Racing Ecogear Power Worm Championship (J)
Nushi Zuri 64 - Shiokaze ni Notte (J)
Pokemon Snap (S) [!]
Pro Shinan Mahjong Tsuwamano (J) [!]
Yousuke Ide's Mahjong School (J) [!]


December 30th, 2001, 17:34
Whats this? everyone is talking about me :devil: *take notes*

December 31st, 2001, 10:21
LOL :p