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December 5th, 2001, 06:25
*** TiM-- has joined #emulation64
<Martin64> well?
<TiM--> hi all
<Martin64> hey TiM
<TiM--> Can anyone point me at an N64 pub ftp sites ?
<Martin64> No, since I don't know one
<TiM--> or a good dd/l page ?
*** Brav|AFK is now known as Bravheart
<Redah64> isn't that illegal?
<Redah64> ;o)
<TiM--> ;)
* Bravheart senses an illegal instigator in the room, and starts to whistle, trying not to draw attention to himself
<Redah64> i have a good way to get a ROM
<Bravheart> rip it from the cart ;)
<Redah64> you go out to something like toys-r-us and buy one of those grey things with the n64 logo on it
<Redah64> then you screw it open very carefully
<TiM--> hahaha
<TiM--> mmm
<Bravheart> :)
<Redah64> and there it is !
<TiM--> bet you all do that as well eh
<Redah64> no
<Redah64> i don't screw them open
<Redah64> :o)
<TiM--> haha
* Bravheart is away - Gone to Toys-R-Us
<Redah64> hehehe
<TiM--> if you have an ftp or anything i can fill/swop with games or utils, i am just trying to gather some roms for a pal ?
<Bravheart> yeah yeah... i've heard that one before ;)
<Redah64> now seriously:
<Redah64> http://X7jr503K:[email protected]/press/prev_/games/n64/13021999
<TiM--> ok
<TiM--> nothing in there m8
<Redah64> you are from the us right?
<TiM--> no i am in uk
<Bravheart> damn... the link must have beem taken off
<Redah64> oh, then you can't get in there
<Redah64> hang on
<Bravheart> where in the UK?
<Redah64> brb
<TiM--> north west
<Bravheart> where *exactly*?
<TiM--> sure , why
<Bravheart> just 'cause i live in Scotland
<Bravheart> you live in England or Scotland/
<Bravheart> / = ?
<TiM--> england m8
<TiM--> but i have loads of contacts in scotland
<Redah64> USA or PAL roms?
<TiM--> any
<Redah64> PAL --> http://emu64:[email protected]/nosho/unrelsd/list404pl.htm
<Bravheart> hmm... better give him the Byteswapped NTSC/PAL Equiram roms, redah
<Redah64> USA --> http://emu64:[email protected]/nosho/unrelsd/list404us.htm
<TiM--> i am only grabbing them for a pal, he will know how to use them
<TiM--> ok, do you want some games / utils links or access
<TiM--> ill swop
<Bravheart> redah, that link doesn't wrk this side :(
<Bravheart> wrk = work
<Redah64> ?
<Redah64> it does for me
<Redah64> tim--> plz dont tell them you got that from us
<Bravheart> give him the link to the equiram ones... they'll work a tream
<TiM--> http://emu64:[email protected]/nosho/unrelsd/list404us.htm <<,,, dead 404
<Redah64> that emu64 login is private
<Bravheart> tream = treat
<Redah64> dead?
<Redah64> damn!
<Bravheart> this side, yeah
<TiM--> The page cannot be found
<TiM--> The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
<TiM--> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
<TiM--> Please try the following:
<Martin64> Redah: I told you to not give away our login!
<Redah64> well that was an execption...he swears not to tell
<Bravheart> martin: calm down.. one person isn't going to change anything
<TiM--> look at the channels i am in
<Martin64> Yeah, he better not tell...
<Redah64> it's temporarily unavailable here
<Redah64> damn
<TiM--> do you think i will tell
<TiM--> :)
<Redah64> i think you should try again later
<Martin64> Is the server down?
<TiM--> ok
<Redah64> i DO have a JAP rom links, but i cant give you that
<Redah64> those games arent available in us/uk now
<Bravheart> hmm.. they're a bit dodgy
<TiM--> ok
<Redah64> should i mail them martin about their server being down?
<Martin64> Yeah, I think that would be a good idea
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<Martin64> I wonder why though...they're almost never down :/
<Redah64> maybe renewing