View Full Version : Problems with Zeldas

June 1st, 2002, 19:34
I've got few problems in both Zeldas. 1. When I look to the sun, the screen goes black. 2. Some things are like half transperent. If I uncheck the "Always use texture filtering for rendering" box in options, the problem disappears, but then the text is black and impossible to read. HELP! :plain:

June 1st, 2002, 19:50
Well d'oh it would help if we knew a little bit more detail.

Like which graphic card, which driver, which graphics plugin, what settings, which OS, GoodN64 rom name, which DirectX version etc.

Oh and check "Change blending mode if invalid for video card" in the "Emulation" tab of the "Configure graphics plugin" screen (when you use Jabo's plugin). Maybe this already helps a bit.

June 1st, 2002, 22:34
Try using emulate clear in the framebuffer emulation.