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January 18th, 2009, 20:54
emuControlCenter is now available in the version 0.9.9!

emuControlCenter is a game manager and startcenter for more than 100 platforms including many known and unknown computer, handheld, console and arcade systems.

You can use image previews of games, a really advanced search feature and uncountable features :-)

download: http://www.camya.com/
forum: http://ecc.phoenixinteractive.mine.nu/
gamedb http://www.camya.com/gamedb/

The 0.9.9 Version of emuControlCenter can validate ZIP packed ScummVM games and also autounpack them.

You can now manage your game documents like manuals, guides, maps and patches direct in emuControlCenter.

This version added many eccScript features and many new scripts to start games in special emulators or autounpack zip / 7zip files. Also automout of CD/DVD games is supported

Also emuControlCenter have xpadder on board, so you can use it direct for emulators without joystick support.

Changelog 0.9.9

WIP 06.1
- added template usage when creating a new script.
WIP 06
- added eccscript option button in eccscript config
- added an eccscript refresh button if you add a new script
WIP 05.2
- fixed the link to the new gamedb in this update :-) Now the search point to the new pages.
WIP 05.1
- due to namechange of the ECC imageserver, now called imageControlCenter,
the link to download images in ECC has been adjusted!
WIP 05
- added new category "platform"
- fixed the language string portoguese
WIP 04
- fixed "ECC doesn't like Brøderbund" bug for all metaedit fields!
- added hungarian language for meta edit
WIP 03
- fixed storage "Harddrive" bug (Dropdowns not filled)
- changed storage "Harddrive" to "Harddrive / Floppy" to
- fixed missing dump_type in romdb export
- catch crash, if copy text from internet to notes/review
- removed checksum check on save to avoid problems with rom options
- made the labels of eSearch a little bit smaller
WIP 02
- added dump type selection to eSearch
- fixed "show only first rom" bug
- Added dump type to rom info area
WIP 01.5
- Fixed problem, if you click on the top left emuControlCenter logo (open website again and again!)
- Fixed also the problem, if you open the asset/document folder and click to the main view!
- added new icon in context menu "browse documents"
- added documents "patches" folder for ips patches
WIP 01
- added "open asset folder"
-- used to store 'manual', 'guides' and 'maps' to the ecc-user folder
-- implemented availablity state in meta info area

- ECC Startup
- Changed the location of the thirdparty language conversion list.
- Fixed splashscreen fading not working in Vista
- Added automatic language configuration of thirdparty tools.

- Small updates
- Added extensions
- Apple II: 2MG
- Nintendo SNES: MGD, GD3
- Removed Extensions:
- Nintendo Gamecube: CSO, IMG, BIN, NRG, MDF
- Updated default config for:
- Hartung Gamemaster
- Nintendo Gamecube (DolphinEx)
- Updated the 'Atari800Win' script to support ATR & COM files properly.
- Better support fo ScummVM
- Added script for ScummVM (v1.0.0.3)
- Made ECC handle ScummVM games like arcade platforms
- Added ctrlmame DAT for ScummVM (by Gruby)
- Updated eccScriptSystem v1.0.0.6:
- Added 3rdparty variables.
- made variables GLOBAL, so you can use these inside functions of your scripts.
- Updated the script template.
- Updated xpadder config with correct pathnames.

- DAT file updates:
- MAME: v0.128 to v0.129
- CPS-1: v2008.10.18 to v2009.01.07
- CPS-2: v2008.10.18 to v2009.01.07
- Neo-Geo: v2008.10.18 to v2009.01.07

- 3rd party updates
- Updated, Notepad++ v5.1.4
- Updated, 7-Zip v4.64
- Updated, Autoit v3.3.0.0