View Full Version : Some help please with save files...

July 30th, 2008, 04:05
I want to know if I can convert the mem pak save files to the dexdrive format and if so how? Also how to you guys take your save files from a game like Zelda OoT and transfer them into your computer? Can you use a gameshark pro or somehting like that that I've heard of? And if you can use the gameshark or whatever can you put save files from your computer onto the cart as well?

Oh and awesome job with your emulator, I love it to death! :)


July 30th, 2008, 13:08
You can't convert mempak saves to the DexDrive format. At least, not with Project64 anyway. As for transferring saves between the actual N64 and your computer, or vice versa, you need a device like the GameShark or the DexDrive.