View Full Version : emuControlCenter 0.9.8 WIP 02/03 released

June 5th, 2008, 21:24
We have today released the WIP 02 of emuControlCenter. Here are the hilights!

7-Zip support
Now it is possible to add roms direct from 7-Zip files and also start them direct from within emuControlCenter!

- new advanced ecc-script
With the new ecc-script you can controll emulators mutch better than before. In the new eccScriptRom.dat all available rom informations are stored and available via ecc-script.

You can download this WIP version in the emuControlCenter forum!

Website: http://www.camya.com/eccblog/
Forum: http://ecc.phoenixinteractive.mine.nu/

changelog for emuControlCenter 0.9.8 WIP 03

- implemented 7zip packed file parsing
- implemented 7zip auto unpack
- fixed wrong zip/7zip filename in file info
- fixed wrong filename output in detail list for zip/7zip
- fixed little bug in ecc-script
- silence missing index in mame import

changelog for emuControlCenter 0.9.8 WIP 02

- new advanced eccScript system...
-- eccscripts can now found in the ecc-script folder organized by systems
-- new eccScriptRom.dat contains all needed informations from
--- file (name, path, size, extension aso.)
--- meta (name, media type/current/count, player, info id and string)
--- audit (all available informations from CM dat like name, clone_of, rom_of, set type)
--- emulator (all settings you have made in ecc configuration)
--- ecc (platform name, category, supported extensions)
-- These informations can be used direct in the eccscripts!
- implemented new emulator template / rom overwrite for eccscript in metaEdit popup
-- Used to give eccScript emulator specific config values
-- Rom stores the diff into the ecc-script user folder.
- metaEdit - implemented new File information tab.
- fixed sorting bug in rom lists
- optimized quick filter for roms without meta data
- implemented search for rom meta in romdb and google
- Media count now also shown on rom details panel
- Removing roms from db now also show fileextension in filename
- now also left mouse click in empty romlist open "add rom context"
- refactoring of the rom file, meta and audit data.
- Updated some i18n strings
- added image slot "ingame_loading" e.g. for 8bit loading screens
- now info_string and id also are added to romdb
- moved emuControlCenter gui translations to translations/ folder
- replaced old inline help with default readme.txt
- added mechanism to show different images in confirm and info popups (see add bookmark)
- many optimizations, cleanup, refactoring!
- fixed tooltip warnings
- fixed wrong dropdown selections!