View Full Version : emuControlCenter 0.9.7 stable release

May 1st, 2008, 20:51
We are anounce the stable release of emuControlCenter 0.9.7 today.

This release contains an unbelievable amount of changes from 20 WIP-Versions and eccLive updates.

Download emuControlCenter here (http://www.camya.com/)

emuControlCenter is an emulator/rom startmanager for more 123 retro and nextgen arcade, console, handheld and computer systems

Original size (http://www.camya.com/eccblog/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/emucontrolcenter-0_9_7-stab.png)

Some hilights:
- 13 new platforms
- new rom rating, review and personal note editing
- new meta data fields like programmer, region, CD/DVD 1/2
- complete restructured view modes (bookmarks, played, personal)
- reparse all folders
- imagepack helper for emuControlCenter image packs
- backup userdata (xml)
- simple theme support
- last selected game / page on startup
- all metadata can now imported from online romdb http://www.camya.com/eccdb/

Also this release adds 13 new platforms so that emuControlCenter now support 123 systems!

New platforms in this release:
- Apple 1
- Apple 2
- Apple Lisa
- Applied Technologies Microbee
- NEC Supergrafx / PC Engine 2
- Nintendo Famicom
- Nintendo Wii
- Nokia N-Gage
- Scumm Virtual Machine
- Sony Playstation 3
- Tiger Electronics Game.com
- Tiger Electronics Gizmondo
- Tomy Pyuta

- website: http://www.camya.com/
- forum: http://ecc.phoenixinteractive.mine.nu/

May 3rd, 2008, 06:28
Hmm, Never seen this before but it looks cool and conveniently has a Linux release. I guess I'll give it a try.