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April 14th, 2002, 08:49
[22:15] <****bits> malcolm has the new emu
[22:16] <****bits> hes gonna try it right now and tell everyone how it is
[22:16] <Aprentice> ttyl = talk to you later :P
[22:16] * ****bits touched the yetti
[22:16] <Malc0lm> if its a virus im not gonna like it =P
[22:16] <****bits> not a virus
[22:16] <Malc0lm> sunset?
[22:16] <****bits> no its called bablu64
[22:17] <****bits> it just looks like sunset
[22:17] <Malc0lm> lol
[22:17] <****bits> trust me
[22:17] <Malc0lm> and it has sunsets back ground, and logo, and title in the title bar
[22:17] <****bits> actually i dont think this version of sunset has ever been released
[22:17] <Aprentice> lol damn, too many rip off emus lately =P
[22:17] <****bits> oh its just by coincidence
[22:17] <****bits> its very different
[22:17] <Malc0lm> lol, really?
[22:17] <****bits> only graphics i had
[22:18] <****bits> release it and call it bablu64
[22:18] <Malc0lm> here ren, heres a screenie
[22:18] <****bits> brb
[22:19] *** Joins: [Keith] ([email protected])
[22:19] <Malc0lm> ****bits: ur a loser, it even has sunsets about screen
[22:19] <Malc0lm> reapern66: this morons your friend?
[22:20] <Aprentice> lol Malc0lm
[22:20] *** Malc0lm sets mode: -o ****bits

Attached it a log of our conversation outside the chan...

April 14th, 2002, 08:51
oh, heres the screenie i gave to ren...

April 14th, 2002, 08:58
Ignore bit, he has involvement in sunset, but he doesn't do any of the coding (he cant even write a hello world program). Even if it is a different emulator, he is not the one responsible for its creation.

His history in the emulation community goes way back, he thinks he is responsible for ultrahle, and has the nerve to call gordon hollingworth a terrible coder.