View Full Version : every time i try to install win98 or winme on my new Pentium2 mmx it hangs after

April 14th, 2002, 07:25
restarting my PC!! it's a AMI bios slot1 AT & ATX Pentium2 3 sdram mainboard! i am running it with a 220watt power suppy!

need help to find whats wrong.. i think it needs the bios flashed!
and i know my old sdram is good case i had in my old Pentium 166mhz pc and i worked great!in winme.

April 14th, 2002, 08:59
It's likely that you have incompatible hardware, i.e old hardware that should have been thrown away years ago.

my new Pentium2 mmx it hangs after restarting my PC!!
Care to explain what that means? Does it hang after the installation program restarts your computer or after you press the reset button?

April 14th, 2002, 09:02
In your bois make sure you floppy is setup properly, the older versions of windows require a disk drive :)

April 14th, 2002, 10:21
just stops loading after the win98 logo. my Pentium2 mmx worked good in winme and in win98 in my last slot1 mainboard!

so i know it's good.. but when i installed win95 it works great!!

but i need win98 or winme! all 3 i own!! and the floppy is disable.

the dum hard drive stops when trying to update the files after i install win98 or winme.. it never done this in my other mainboards...

April 15th, 2002, 04:56
called chip away crash, that had to be enable, to make it work right. now i got win98 back on my pc..any way thanks for the help! i have installed many mainboards, memory, and everything that will work in a pc. samething with win95 & win98 & winme! it's so easy to me now!!