View Full Version : Desmume v7.0 - anyone got it working on kubuntu/ubuntu

May 14th, 2007, 14:56
has anyone managed to get the new release of DesMuMe 0.70 working on kubuntu/ubuntu?

ive tried the packages and even compiled it myself with no joy :(

If anyone has got it working and would either share the binary or tell me how they did it I would appriciate it.


Edit - Got it working, only with disabling 3d emulation though, it seems like it isnt fully compatible with ubuntu/kubuntu yet or contains a bug.

There is a option to have 3d emulation enabled - you have to disable a setting in xorg.conf but that can cause problems. Best wait for the developers to fix i recon :)

its not my graphics card before you say it :P a few people are having the same issue (+ i run 3d games and mupen64 perfectly fine in kubuntu ;))