View Full Version : WinUAE 1.4.2 public beta #5

April 8th, 2007, 21:23
- A600/A1200 and A4000 IDE emulation (mount RDB HDF as a IDE drive)
- Following IDE harddrive commands emulated (commands that KS ROM require, also IDEFix97 appears to work fine)
- Format Track (50, dummy command)
- Identify Drive (EC)
- Initialize Drive Parameters (91)
- Read Sector(s) (20 and 21)
- Read Multiple (C4)
- Write Sector(s) (30 and 31)
- Write Multiple (C5)
- Recalibrate (10, dummy command)
- Set Multiple Mode (C6)
- Set Features (EF, no feature commands supported)

- max 2 drives available. "HD Controller"-selection added to GUI.
- support statefiles (WARNING: HDF data corruption danger!)
- ATAPI (IDE CDROM) emulation not supported (yet?)

Notes: you can't mix Kickstart versions. A4000 KS has only A4000 IDE driver, A600/A1200 KS has only A600/A1200 driver.

Emulated drive is ancient ATA-1 feature level drive, size limits not tested, PIO-0 speed restrictions not emulated

This also means some defaults have been changed. Real IDE without harddrive installed is now enabled if chipset extra is set to A600/A1200 or A4000. Emulated "IDE wire trick" is enabled if no drives installed to prevent long KS boot delay.

Interesting note: A600/A1200 and A4000 KS IDE drivers are totally different, for example A4000 uses LBA addressing but A600/A1200 uses CHS. I don't see the point when the only hardware differences basically are base IO address and different interrupt register..

- HRTMon IDE activated if IDE emulation enabled. AR A1200 also works.
- 68020/68030 + JIT random crashing fixed (b4)
- non-3d filters work again (broke in 1.4.2b2)
- Agnus/Denise revision settings re-added to advanced chipset
- added non-EHB A1000 to Quickstart (not yet in advanced chipset), also added blitter busy bug to A1000 QS if cycle-exact enabled. (busy flag not set until blitter gets first bus access cycle)
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