View Full Version : WinUAE 1.4.0 public beta 5

February 9th, 2007, 15:43
- CD32/CDTV emulation now autodetects all CD (all drives) changes on the fly. Previously drive was only autodetected once when emulation started.
- blitter linedraw update, PD game Tanx (not same game as Tanx in HOL, ID=5409) uses really "interesting" way for drawing vertical lines, it sets ADAT=FFFF and BLTAFWM=8000.
- remove agnus/denise revision settings. Will be replaced with more flexible configuration later (perhaps select box with real chip identification strings, current system couldn't support for example oldest Denise without EHB and Agnus with buggy blitter wait bit)
- another possible bsdsocket thread timing bug fix
- running p96refresh automatically forces power supply cia-a tod to prevent clock running faster
- mapping of RTG RAM adjusted (locate immediately after end of Z3 RAM and align to 16M border), fix board size (previously <16M was reported incorrectly in Scout)
- Arcadia added to ROM scan message (but only if Arcadia bios rom(s) detected, Arcadia: unavailable would only confuse users..)
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