View Full Version : u pps are nasty

April 4th, 2002, 19:18
<M64|AFK> how are ya Bravheart?
* lrdcheese waits for same question
<Bravheart> am doin very good actually
<Bravheart> lrd... how's your dog?
<Bravheart> ;)
<lrdcheese> my sister is fine, tnx
<DuDe___> :)
<Bravheart> no... i wasn't talking about your sister... i asked how she was last night
<Bravheart> (what age is your sis btw?)
<lrdcheese> 25 and 28
<Bravheart> she told me she was 16 :(
<lrdcheese> yea, your ma told me that too
<Bravheart> that i was shaggin your sister?
<DuDe___> chick fight! chick fight!
<lrdcheese> that she was 16
<Bravheart> well that's cause i told my ma your sis was 16
<lrdcheese> your ma looks good, she had me fooled..
<Bravheart> i know... your sister didn't have me fooled
* Bravheart holds up his hand, and waves to the crowd... WINNER!"
<M64|AFK> hehe
<M64|AFK> bugger, need to go to the post office today
<Bravheart> lrd's maw demanding payment?
<M64|AFK> I'm her sugar daddy
<Bravheart> pimp0rz
<DuDe___> oh man, u pps are nasty
<Bravheart> yup ;)