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November 27th, 2006, 16:53
ZX Spectrum & Z80 based arcade emu, news:
+NEW: Added functions to record hiscore
+NEW: Added support in the Z80 that indicates when an instruction is being loaded (opcode fetch), necessarily to execute encrypted intructions in real time
+BUG: Corrected a bug in the directories generated by default
+NEW: Added two directories more, for save snapshots and hiscore
+NEW: Now the ROMS of arcade can only be loaded from ZIP
+NEW: Changed the system of managing the sound chips, now liberates better the memory and more speed
+BUG: Fixed some bugs in the intrucctions BIT, CPD, CPI of the Z80. Tested with ZXALL and ZXDOC from Spectrum Z80 Exerciser - MDFS::Software.Z80.Exerciser.Spectrum (http://www.mdfs.net/Software/Z80/Exerciser/Spectrum/) and only a small bug in the flags 5 and 3 in the intruction BIT remains, all other opcodes are correct
+BUG: Corrected the position of the window on the desktop automatic
+BUG: Corrected a bug when 'pause' a driver with vblank
+BUG: Fixed recording of the .Z80 format
+NEW: Added support to see the LensLok protection system, automatic select with the CRC of the tape
+NEW: Added support for pokes in the Spectrum 128k and +3
+BUG: Corrected the colors when a GIF is recorded
+NEW: Possibility to choose sound in mono, stereo ABC and stereo ACB in Spectrum 128K and +3.
+BUG: Fixed change of audio quality
+NEW: Hiscore record support
Black Tiger
+BUG: Fixed scroll bugs
+BUG: Fixed colors in tile of characters
+NEW: Optimized the driver, now much more speed
+NEW: Hiscore record support
Green Beret
+BUG: Fixed change of audio quality
+NEW: Optimized the driver, more speed
+NEW: Hiscore record support
+NEW: Missing sound, scroll (background) and optimization
homepage (http://leniad.cjb.net/dsp/index.htm)