View Full Version : GameEx 6.94 Released:

October 5th, 2006, 22:55
4th October, 2006 - GameEx 6.94

* Much quicker startup and window resizing when playing videos, dvd, and karaoke.

4th October, 2006 - GameEx 6.93

* Fixes to model 2 support
* Fixed cosmetic issues with and improved speed of updating the MAME List

4th October, 2006 - GameEx 6.92

* Update to video, DVD and karaoke player dialog box - less flicker, better cosmetics, and video and karaoke progress bar
* Enhancments and fixes to model 2 support thanks to headkaze

3rd October, 2006 - GameEx 6.91

* Updates and enhancments to the GameEx setup wizard.
* Many thanks to everyone in the community who has provided feedback on the new addition so far.
* As well as thanking Headkaze again, I wanted to mention what I neglected to last time and that is a huge thanks to Adultry for providing all the emulator configurations