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March 24th, 2002, 14:34
Although my post count shows it, I'm not really a newbie here. I know lots about emulation, and have a system made for it. My topic today is on next gen emulation. I always see newbies everywhere asking 'What is the best PS2 emu?" not knowing that one does not exist yet. That may soon change. A PS2 emu IS in the works. I forget the URLs, but several sites have ben given betas of the first actual emulator. But don'texpect much, these emulators only so far play demos. Here's what to expect. Your computers (90% of you) are not good enough. The people who tested got full speed on the demos on an AMD 1.4ghz, no vid card specified. So, those of you with P3 800mhz are out of luck. The emulator does not run commercial games yet.

As for Xbox, nothing at all has come. This is the most asy to emulate,as it's most like a PC. Much too powerful to emulatejust yet though...Gamecube is my bet to be the next big emulation fad. Mostly because it needs the least system requirements. So, you could have a good chance with that with a second rate system. Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know that, since nobody has even said a word about the PS2 emu in development. Thanks.

March 24th, 2002, 16:14
just thought I'd let you all know that, since nobody has even said a word about the PS2 emu in development. Thanks.

I take it you haven't looked at the front page of Emulation64 in a few days then? There has also been a small discussion regarding this emulator on this very forum.

March 24th, 2002, 20:51

March 25th, 2002, 13:55
I dont think its possible to emulate the game cube because of the small cd's. I guess this was a smart move by nintendo. and someone said that game cube would be easy to emulate compaired to others? Technicaly the game cube is more powerfull then the PS2. is it because of the DVD?

March 25th, 2002, 15:38
The fact that it uses a mini dvd drive doesn`t mean it would be harder to emulate, it means that it would be harder to dump, and thus, get the roms for it.

March 27th, 2002, 08:28
What about N64 we can make roms for it even though it is not a DVD.

March 27th, 2002, 08:47
devices have been constructed to get the information out of N64 carts, and a device will have to be made or the gamecube modified so that the data can be ripped too.