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December 3rd, 2001, 01:39
I'm new to n64 emulators and i got a couple of problems. I first downloaded project64 and only Zelda Majora's Mask seems to work properly, other games either lagged too much or had graphical errors. When i got ur emulator the games seemed to run faster but i get really wierd graphics. So i got the JAbo driver, but the games still ran pretty slow and not all of them worked. I tried using rcp_d3d driver and that worked pretty well, except for the fact that i only knew the GUI for Zelda.

the games i got are:
1080 snowboarding, Zelda, Aerofighters, Diddy Kong Racing, WCW backstage, Perfect dark, and pilot wings

My specs are:
Athlon 850
256mb Ram
Winfast Geforce 256

Is the reason for the lagging when i use Jabo's drivers, because of my system specs?

December 3rd, 2001, 15:51
Things get better with time, I don't know how to better answer that. :) 0.7.1 unreleased beta is already quite faster than 0.7.0

December 3rd, 2001, 16:25
Originally posted by schibo
Things get better with time, I don't know how to better answer that. :) 0.7.1 unreleased beta is already quite faster than 0.7.0

damn, that must be fast - u r gonna need to give this emu alcohol to slow it down by the time version 1.0 is released.


ur system is perfect for playing 1964. so ill go through the process of getting the correct setup for 1964.0.7 .

first, download pj64 1.3 . copy jabos D3d 1.3 plugin, jabos directinput plugin, and nrages plugin. put them in the plugin folder whereva ur 1964 folder is. basically u hav just placed in ur 1964 folder, a graphics plugin that is basically required to run games well (forget RCp's plugin for the moment), and 2 input plugins, just in case one doesnt work for you, i.e u can use either nrages or jabos directinput for ur controller, both are good - nrages has loads more options like mouse play, etc.

now execute the 1964.exe file, go to the 'switch plugins', and:
graphics: jabos D3d 1.3
sound: Azimar's 0.30 (Old Driver)
input: either nrages or jabos directinput (i use jabos one as a matter of preference, both are good and nrages is definitely better).

now go to video options, and a box comes up. click on the second tab, and select internal transforms. also in input options, u can alter ur input device.

for ur games u should check out my compat. list on another thread. but basically the only game that will work well is zelda. that should work close to perfect. 1080 is perfectly playable, but has no audio. aerofighters has very irritating sound and pilotwings has gfx probs. im not sure about the WCW game, but it may work fine. both perfect dark and diddky kong dont work with jabos d3d 1.3, u can hear sound and see partial gfx. u will need to wait for the next release for pj64. if u head to that forum, u'll see how well those 2 games work. if u want the beta, u will need to donate to the pj64, then u can use jabos d3d 1.4 with 1964. otherwise just wait, and it'll be released. its already gone through phase 2 of the beta testing, so the wait is getting smaller all the time. although there could be another 2/3 betas.

hope that helps.

December 4th, 2001, 10:16
it seemed to work perfectly for a while, thats when i was able to switch the rendering device (From Configure Graphics) from RGB to this other one which i can't remember the name of.... How come i can only choose RGB now? What happened to the other choice?

December 4th, 2001, 10:40
ok it works now... thx a lot sk8bloke22

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December 4th, 2001, 12:45
look at thje thread 1964 and you will be banned first no rom requsests and that's a rom site so...