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May 16th, 2006, 17:42
port of zsnes to the xbox, news:
New Features:
-Core switched to the ZSNES WIP 2-28-05 core (big thanks to dohopoki and Consoleman! for help testing this version).

This is much more stable than the code used in 1.2. The result is many games no longer crash (Super Bomberman 2-5, Battletoads/Doubledragon, Super Mario RPG, Blackthorne, and probably others), games that were choppy now run much smoother (Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, Super Mario World, Megaman X, and probably others), Star Fox runs at the correct speed, Chrono Trigger no longer has that annoying screen flash during battles, and all the BS-Zelda hacks now work. Top Gear 3000 does not work very well in this version. Use 1.2 to play this game.

-New logo on ROM browser (courtesy of kiteless)

-Added game Rewind support.

-Changed Direct3D swap effect method from Copy to Discard. This provides a speed increase of about 3-4 FPS.

-Assembled the NASM files with the -09999 switch for more optimized obj files. This should provide a speed increase.

-All new input code. It should be much more stable and hopefully solve all the input problems in the previous releases.

-Player 3/4 support added

-Added option to disable/enable controllers 3 and 4. Disabling controllers 3/4 is necessary for some games to work (example Tetris and Dr. Mario). These games will not run if they detect that a multi-tap (players 3 and 4 enabled) is plugged in.

-Added controller configuration screen (logo courtesy of zenstrom).

-All 4 controller mappings, FPS display, Game Exit, Rewind, Save State, Load State, and Fast forward can be changed. This will allow people not using a controller with analog sticks (i.e. a real SNES controller or the Street Fighter gamepad) to use ZsnexBox.

-Controller hotswapping is now supported. Controllers can now be plugged in/removed/changed at any point during the menu or during emulation

-Added an Options screen (graphics courtesy of Albino and Antiriad)

-Hardware Filters supported:
Bilinear (recommended)
Gaussian Cubic

-Software Filters Added:
Advance MAME 2X (recommended)
Simple 2X

-Flicker Filter can be set to 0 (Off and recommended), 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 (Full Blur)

-Soften display can be turned on or off (Off recommended)

-Sound Frequency can be changed to:
32000 (recommended)

-Added Sound Interpolation option. The choices are:
Gaussian (recommended)
Cubic Spline

-Added support for the SNES Low Pass Filter generator. This adds more bass to the game audio. The choices are:
High Quality

-Added option to disable savestates

-Add option to disable menu sound effects.

-All of the above options are dynamic. The changes take affect instantly regardless of whether emulation has started or not.

-Most options (and controller configuration) are saved to the ini file. If the ini is missing it will be created. This is useful to set everything back to the defaults.

-Exiting from a game now goes to the option menu. The user can exit to the ROM browser, change options, and/or resume the game.

-Screen resize uses the blue and red borders if a game is not running. It uses the in game screen if a game is running.

-X, Y, Width, and Height values are displayed on the resize screen.

-Save and Load State can be done from the Options screen. Disable Savestates is the master control for these features. If Save/Load State is assigned to a button, but Disable Savestates is turned on in the options menu, the buttons will do nothing.

-FPS Display can be turned on and off from the options screen. This is the master setting. If FPS Display toggle is assigned to a button, but it is turned off in the options menu, the button will do nothing.

-Directory support. The current path always starts in D:\roms folder

-Rom browsing to all partitions (except X, Y, and Z) on the hard drive and the DVD drive.

-Running from the DVD added. An Xbox compatible image must be made.

-All files saved\loaded from E:\ZsnexBox\sram, E:\ZsnexBox\ini, and E:\ZsnexBox\save. These are created if they do not already exist.

-Rom menu scrolling is much more responsive.

-The in game emulation volume can be adjusted with the right analog stick. Up increases the volume and down decreases it. The current volume level (0-100) will display on the screen during adjustment.

-Set Advance MAME 2x as the default filter. It looks the best (in my opinion) and it is even faster than Super 2XSai.

-Fixed problem where graphics from one game were still displayed along the top and bottom of the screen when a new game was launched.

-Added screenshot support for the following extensions: sfc, swc, fig, mgd, ufo, bin, 058, 078, usa, eur, jap, jma

-Added "Exit ZsnexBox" as an option to the options screen. This will reboot to the dashboard.

-Added PAL video code detection. PAL 60 is used if available, otherwise PAL 50 is used.

-Add region setting to the options menu. The choices are:
This can only be changed before a game is started. Some games (for example: Tetris and Dr. Mario) will not run if the incorrect region is set. NTSC or PAL will force ZSNES to render at 60 FPS or 50 FPS regardless of the region.

-The complete selected game is displayed beneath the ROM browser.

-Changed Direct3D format flag to D3DPRESENTFLAG_INTERLACED

-Increased the Stack size for the compiled xbe. Hopefully this will prevent any "mystery bugs" the XDK can sometimes introduce.

-Several general speedups

-99% of games still run 60/60 with 0 frame skip (with auto frame skipping turned on) with or without filters (with the exception of HQ2X)

Known Issues:
-Sufami Turbo games are still not supported
-jma support is currently broken
-"1" file format not supported (unless it is zipped)
-Games sometimes still don't start and require an exit/restart to fix. This is rare, but does happen depending (I think) on the size of the game last run and the size of the new game. It is usually harmless and can be fixed with a simple game restart. There are times this will cause a crash. I am still looking into a fix for this issue.

Untested issues (please post an answer if you know one):
-Don't know if DVD sensors will still cause problems.
-Havenít tested the X-Arcade stick with the new input code.
-The previous issue of controllers working in the GUI but not during emulation.
-There may be issues with savestates generated with the 1.0 - 1.2 working with 1.3.
further info (http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=512872)