View Full Version : convert codebreaker codes to gameshark?

April 11th, 2006, 04:59
does any one have DCcrypt or any other tool to convert codebreaker codes to a gamesshark code? i cant even find DCcrypt for download.. GRrrr
the problem with codebreake is it will not boot copies.
i have used chankast, artmoney, and ccfa to find a under defeat code.

the only pc i have is only good enough to find the codes i get no textures or text when running chankast.
so i was just using it as a tool to find some basic codes.

April 11th, 2006, 06:08
cool i found my own answer!!!

this is a decrypted gameshark disc that will work with codebreaker codes :D

i found it on a Mega popular site ;)


Game.....: GameShark CDX (C) InterAct

Origin...: USA - NTSC - Filename.....: E-GSCDX.001

Released.: December 12th, 2000 - Format.......: DiscJuggler (CDI)

Platform.: Sega Dreamcast (DC) - CD(s)........: 1

CD1 Info.: 1 RARS / 74 MINS - Ripped.......: Nothing

- --- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------>

Today we bring you the GameShark CDX from InterAct. This one is the

only CRACKED version floating around the Net. Though many people

keep releasing this as cracked, theirs are always just the original

image without the dongle protection removed. This has the dongle

protection removed and you can save codes onto a Normal VMU!

Make sure you free up space on your VMU prior to booting this,

however. Also take note, you can use InterAct's encrypted codes

(www.gameshark.com), or if you have the skills to make your own

codes, this version is also able to use decrypted codes, ie normal

memory addresses.