View Full Version : DOSBox 0.65 released

April 1st, 2006, 07:27
finally a new version of dosbox!

DOSBox 0.65
Yes it's been a while but we finally decided to release a new version.
Quite a few changes have been made since last version, a few of the more important ones.

* 4/15/16/32bpp VESA mode support

* Lot's of fixes for better vga compatibility

* Improved CGA composite output

* Added video capturing to avi

* Improved screen updating for more speed

* PCjr machine mode added

* Speedup cpu cores and fix endian issues

* FPU core speedup with assembly

* Improved keyboard and bios handling

* Lockfree mouse mode added again

* Improved builtin dos with umbs and better fat support

* Added VCPI emulation and fixed some issues with ems

* Improved support for booter games

* Modem and IPX support improved for multiplayer

* Countless other bugfixes and features added