View Full Version : UberNES 3 rev 1 released

March 11th, 2006, 04:58
New version of UberNES released. Changes include:

- Added comprehensive movie support
- A polished interface makes recording and playing movies easy - no
matching of movie filenames to ROM filenames is required.
- Movie files are highly compressed - 20 minutes of gameplay typically
compresses to about 5 KB.
- "Checkpoints" can be added to movies, allowing the user to instantly
jump to key points in movies such as boss battles.
- You can view NES controller overlays as movies play, showing exactly
which buttons are pressed.
- A local movie gallery feature makes it easy to browse, playback and
manage your gameplay movies.

- Added online movie gallery
- Using the online movie gallery feature, you can browse, download,
and play the best movies from UberNES users around the world.
- Currently, the movie gallery has many nice movies ranging from
UberNES high score runs to start-to-finish completion movies of
difficult games.
- UberNES performs gameplay validation checks to ensure that all
movies are legitimate gameplay sessions and not cheat/emulator
- You can submit your own NES movies using the built-in local movie

- Added high score support for 5 new games (50 total); users can compete for
worldwide high scores in the following games:
- Marble Madness
- Donkey Kong 3
- 3D World Runner
- Ms. Pac-Man
- Elevator Action

- Added more box descriptions to NES database

UberNES also has a new home!