View Full Version : Weird Error?

January 2nd, 2006, 13:26
Hey guys, I got this weird error.. got any idea how to fix?

Exception during emulation run-flow!
Gekko CPU Registers:

r0 :00000000 r8 :00000000 r16:00000000 r24:00000000
sp :00000000 r9 :00000000 r17:00000000 r25:00000000
sd2:00000000 r10:00000000 r18:00000000 r26:00000000
r3 :00000000 r11:00000000 r19:00000000 r27:00000000
r4 :00000000 r12:00000000 r20:00000000 r28:00000000
r5 :00000000 sd1:00000000 r21:00000000 r29:00000000
r6 :00000000 r14:00000000 r22:00000000 r30:00000000
r7 :00000000 r15:00000000 r23:00000000 r31:00000000

lr :00000000 cr :00000000 dec:00000000
pc :00000000 xer:00000000 ctr:00000000


January 3rd, 2006, 01:24
Get the source and fix the bug, not many games run in this emualtor