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January 1st, 2006, 21:08
Update for this Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 emulator, news:
Version 2.0.0 (2005/12/31) - celebrating decade of Atari800 development!

This release brings major source code clean up, numerous bug fixes and
many great new features and important improvements. 98% of changes since
last release have been made by Piotr Fusik - admire his dedication
to Atari800 project while you will be browsing through the impressive list
of changes below.

Run-time configuration (via the .atari800.cfg file) has been improved.
All configuration options are now available in the User Interface.
Remember to use "Save configuration file" when necessary.

If you are new to Atari800, press F1 and select "Emulator Configuration"
to configure the ROM images. This can be easily done with
"Find ROM images in a directory".

DISK_DIR, ROM_DIR, EXE_DIR and STATE_DIR configuration options are no longer
supported in this version. You need to re-select your directories
using "Emulator Configuration" -> "Configure directories".

* auto-starting any file supported by the emulator
via the command line, User Interface or Alt+R
* direct loading of Atari Basic programs:
- SAVEd (*.BAS) programs
- LISTed (*.LST) programs with auto-detected Atari, LF, CR/LF or CR
line terminators
* numerous fixes and improvements in H: device emulation
* fixed a bug in DMACTL emulation
* cycle-exact Read-Modify-Write instructions for all GTIA registers
* Atarimax cartridges
* correct emulation of the RESET key in 400/800 (it generates RNMI)
* improved DCM format support
* improved PERCOM emulation (helps non-standard disk images)
* removed questions that appeared in the console window when no configuration
file was found; now a default configuration is written and you can
modify it using User Interface; the easiest way to configure ROMs is
"Find ROM images in a directory" which looks for common names of ROM images
* DISK_DIR, ROM_DIR, EXE_DIR and STATE_DIR configuration options replaced
* sound recording now works (was completely broken)
* new in User Interface: "Emulator Configuration", "Controller
Configuration", "Save Interlaced Screenshot", "Uncompress Disk Image"
* improved "open file" selector:
- sorts case-insensitively
- sorts directories whose name begins with a dot
- starts on the previously selected file
- you can move to a file by pressing its first letter (works in menus, too)
- path of the listed directory is shown at the top of the screen
* improved "save file" filename selection:
- no longer limited to 32 characters
- directory appears in the edit box
- Tab invokes directory browser
* "Make Blank ATR Disk" creates standard Single Density disk image
* shortcut keys (Alt+letter, F9, ...) work in User Interface
* new "-screenshots <pattern>" command-line option
* replaced "-rtime <onoff>" with "-rtime" / "-nortime"
* replaced "-hdreadonly <onoff>" with "-hreadonly" / "-hreadwrite"
* new monitor commands: "LABELS", "LOOP"
* "C", "M" and "S" monitor commands support hardware registers
* improved "SHOW", "DLIST", "D" and "A" monitor commands
* fixed memory leaks, buffer overflows, Y2K and Y2100 bugs
* fixed GCC 4 compilation error and warnings
* fixed sound in X11 version (feedback is welcome)
* much faster display in the X11 version
* MOTIF and XVIEW versions are now compilable
* standard key mappings for F6-F10 in DirectX, SDL, SVGALIB and X11 versions
* implemented Atari 5200 keys in DirectX, SDL, SVGALIB and X11 versions
* WinCE version ported to Smartphones
* DirectX version can be compiled with MSVC 6
* stereo now works in DOS ports
* fixed "-rotate90" and Alt+B in SDL version
* greatly improved BASIC version:
- supports sound
- supports all interrupts
- timing much closer to real Atari
- Clear Screen, Backspace, Tab and Bell converted from ATASCII to ASCII
- improved "K:" input
- much smaller executable (does not include unused code)
* greatly improved CURSES version:
- support for PDCurses
- small fix for NCurses
- generates screen basing on the Display List
- fixed Tab, Backspace, Insert, Delete, Home, F2, F3, F4, F8 and Ctrl+letter
- fixed "-wide2" mode
- Alt+letter shortcuts work on PDCurses
- bitmap graphics emulation is now disabled by default
(smaller and faster executable), but can be enabled with "configure"
* new experimental PlayStation 2 port
* improved "configure" script
* SDL keyboard joysticks can be enabled/disabled in the UI (Controller Config)
* many small fixes and major source code clean up
homepage (http://atari800.sourceforge.net/)