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November 25th, 2005, 19:46
Nes emu, obviously, news:
Windows Port:

- Added support for RAR and 7-Zip files.
- Enabled use of XP visual styles.
- Cleaned up the GUI a bit and fixed proper tab ordering.
- Added cheat search support.
- Added some joystick options. People having joystick problems in earlier versions can now disable the buggy axes.
- Improved auto frame skipping performance.
- Fixed an FDS BIOS path saving bug.
- Fixed an auto IPS patching bug.
- Fixed a Wave file recording bug.
- Fixed an Alt+Tab from fullscreen bug.
- Fixed a cheats delete/clear bug.

Emulation Core:

- Added real-time rewinding support (up to 1 minute). To use it, assign it to any key and enable it in the Timing dialog.
- Added support for cheats in the whole address range.
- Added support for "Pro Action Rocky" cheat codes.
- Added DPCM channel sample interpolation and DC offset removal.
- Improved PPU vblank timing and flag behaviour, info from Blargg.
- Fixed mapper 6 and moved "Mi Hu Chen (hFFE)" to it, info from CaH4e3.
- Moved "Shin Samurai Spirits 2", "Power Rangers III" and "Power Rangers IV" to mapper 209.
- Moved "Mortal Kombat 3 - Special 56 People" to mapper 90.
- Hacked mapper 90, more games are playable now,
- Added mapper 148 and moved "Sugoro Quest - Dice no Sen****achi (asia)" to it.
- Added mapper 183, info from CaH4e3.
- Added mapper 186, info from CaH4e3.
- Fixed mapper 187, "King Of Fighters 96" is now playable.
- Added mapper 216, info from CaH4e3.
- Added DreamTech UNIF board, info from CaH4e3.
- Added H2288 UNIF board, info from Kevtris and CaH4e3.
- Added proper handling of FDS disk insert/eject during movie playing/recording.
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