View Full Version : NEOGEO CDZ Emulator ver.2005.11.19

November 19th, 2005, 18:52
Neo CD emu, machine translation of news:
- Ver.2005.11.19 -
Real bout 餓 wolf correcting the load picture of legend 2.
Winds correcting the load picture of Revelations.
Dragon it corresponds to the fist outside transmission load picture of
the tiger.
When game the picture and the load picture change, correcting the
disorder of the picture.
Because assembler k it has pulled up the trouble whose picture
transmission function of edition is various, correction.
Way the user can appoint the time of sleep, modification. Initial
value has become the setting which does not sleep.
Because precision of time of sleep changes substantially with the
system, when we would like to make frame rate stabilize,
The one which is made invalid is good, probably will be. Only
at the time of the window validity, it becomes invalid at the time of
the full screen.
Adding simulating 16 time speed and 32 time speed to the speed
constitution of CD-ROM.
Other things it is small correction.
Writing forgetting. English of CD-PLAYER message was corrected.
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