View Full Version : NEOGEO CDZ Emulator ver.2005.10.21(fix 1)

October 21st, 2005, 19:16
Japanese Neo CD emu, heres the post translation news:
- Ver.2005.10211 -
-Because the memory which is guaranteed is not initialized, IPL.Correcting the trouble which has the case where TXT cannot be read.

- Ver.2005.1021 -
-It copes with the passive method case of preceding day, of not reading the file temporarily.
-There being a problem, sound just is not played back, being.
-Because CD-ROM reading there is trouble in the part, correction.

- Ver.2005.1020 -
-CD-ROM reading simulating the speed was added. With KOF'99 it becomes invalid.
-Simulating, it is faster than the apparatus, is, but.
-CD-ROM reading simulating the picture was added. With KOF'99 it becomes invalid.
-Because the picture which is built in to BIOS just is indicated, the game specific load picture does not come out. With KOF'99 it becomes invalid.
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