View Full Version : Nestopia v1.20

October 6th, 2005, 21:55
Some of the new features:

- DirectDraw kicked out and replaced by Direct3D (DirectX 9.0c now required)
- More video filtering options
- More multitasking friendly
- Configurable menu keys
- Less cumbersome to take screenshots and no more GDI+ requirement
- Selectable auto-fire speed
- Recent directories
- Ability to lock and clear the recent files and directories lists
- Selectable LED source for FDS disk access
- Alternative emulation speed via assignable key/button
- Ability to change the menu color
- Changes to brightness/saturation/hue takes effect immediately
- More logfile (disabled by default now) diagnostics
- Cursor gets auto-hidden
- Many hard-coded strings now moved into the resource section
- Image info for FDS and NSF files
- Can make IPS files out of changes to FDS disk files
- Can edit iNes file headers
- Hq2x/Hq3x filter support
- Additional GUI improvements

New iNes mappers:

53, 56, 142, 158, 164, 165, 193, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208,
209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 215, 217

Fixed iNes mappers:


New UNIF boards:

Mario 1 Malee 2, Novel Diamond 9999999-in-1, Super Game 8237
Super 24-in-1, WS 40-in-1

New controllers:

Oeka Kids Tablet, Hyper Shot, Crazy Climber, Mahjong, Exciting Boxing
Top Rider, Pokkun Moguraa

Other emu core related things:

- More standard conformant C++ code
- Easier to port to other platforms using a new written API
- Many speed optimizations (but at NO cost of emulation accuracy)
- Save state and movie file formats rewritten, old files will no longer work
- More accurate APU and PPU emulation thanks to RE work by Blargg, Kevtris and Quietust
- Perfectly time-aligned sound sample output by using a common clocking rate
- Uses new updated palette by Matrixz
- Better (but not perfect) NTSC color generation algorithm based on tweaks by AWJ
- ROM database fixes and additions
- Support for phantom stereo sound output
- More accurate FDS emulation
- Better sound quality with the external sound chips
- Auto-selects between Famicom and NES 4-player adapter based on game CRC
- More accurate emulation for several controllers
- More accurate hard/soft reset behaviour

Homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nestopia/