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February 15th, 2002, 16:04

I'm french, so I will do my best to make a good and understandable text...

Ok, I'v 1964 and PJ64 1.4 with Jabo's d3d 1.4 video plugin... In each emulator I try, I have a lot of flickering... I can't stop them ! PJ64 is the worst !!!! Since the intro movie to game, there are flickering !

I don't understand how to do !

I have a TNT2 Ultra (and nvidia 21.83 dirvers) and I have never had a problem with N64 games...

Can someone help me precisly ??? Thanx !!


February 15th, 2002, 18:31
Please read the sticky post at the top and why not download the Game FAQ while you're at it. It might save having to ask anymore questions that have already been answered.

February 15th, 2002, 18:34
I'll read this... be cool ! I'm try to do my best !


February 15th, 2002, 18:36
I thought I was! Some others would not have been as polite to you :)