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April 25th, 2005, 21:09
In Zelda: Ocarina of Time I am trying to get to the party at Lon Lon Ranch the end of the game. When I go to Lon Lon Ranch in Beta Worlds 5 and 8, I can get to this scene, but the camera is fixed at an angle where all I can see is the fence. Is there any way to fix this, or is there another way to get to that scene? I have OoT version 1.2 and I am using Project 64 version 1.6.

May 24th, 2005, 02:16
I don't think this is really a PJ64 cheats issue, it has to do with Beta Quest. Anyway, find out what to do here:


Also, the BQ list on PJ64 is wrong. These are the correct values for ????:

0000 World 00
0001 World 01
0002 World 02
0003 World 03
0004 World 04
0005 World 05 (Unstable!)
0006 World 06
0007 World 07
0008 World 08
0009 World 09 (Unstable!)
000A World 0A
000B World 0B
000C World 0C
000D World 0D
000E World 0E
000F World 0F

NOTE: BQ0005 and 0009 do not work properly, read up on it here: