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April 14th, 2005, 18:33
i have already downloaded and burnt soul claibur for dc..works fine on the dc..i burnt it at 2x with alcohol 120%...it was a disk juggler image..6 months later and a tv hogging 3 children...i decided ill download chankast and play it on my pc...so heres my problem..the game when i downloaded it was already selfbooting..after i burnt it and try to make a iso from the disc i already made...chankast doesent want to know...it just gives me tha cd player screen...now i know the image has to be selfbooting..so i figured that since the disc was self booting..it would still be when i ripped it back to a image file...ive tried various types of program to rip it...ie...clone cd..alcohol 120%...magiciso...diskjuggler...all the same results...so i think...think(lol!)..that i need to make the image re-selfbooting..so i downloaded dir2boot..had a play with it..didnt really understand it..scaled loads of forums..cant find the anserw im looking for...all seem to be topics on how to make dc games self booting to play on dc or how to burn them..so heres my questions in brief lol

1.how do i,and what is the easiest way..to make my dc rip from already selfbooting cd...selfbooting again..(lol!)

2.what is the best software for making iso's of already burned dreamcast games that are compatiable with chankast

ps.incase im infringing the rules of piracy or something with these questions..i do legally own a very old copy of soul calibur gd rom..bought on the 20th of december 1999 for 34.99 from a shop in yeovil,somerset,england with a lovely big crack on the edge of the disc courtesy of one of my children..and it is the only game i am intrested in messing with...as you know..its not easy to rip a gd rom either..so hopefully you will see my point of view that i have not done anything i shouldnt. :bouncy:

April 14th, 2005, 18:54
i have also read the tutorial for homebrew games..figuring it would be the same..however the links do not work in the faq..therefore i cannot find the software i need..as described

April 15th, 2005, 01:36
Yes I found this problem too, but I found a solution! This *should* work with most games... Just extract the attached rar file into a folder, then copy the contents of the game CD into the 'data' folder, edit the start.bat file and change the SET GAME field to the name of your game, save and run.

When it finishes there should be a working CDI file in the same directory :D Any problems check the readme.

April 15th, 2005, 01:39
I wonder if you're breaking rule #4 :plain:

April 15th, 2005, 02:29
yeh didnt notice that sorry...but does it apply as i said..i own it...i can take a photo of the case if you want lol..i could tell you the exact shop i got it from and everything lol..i just want to know because i want to re-rip...im not ripping the gd rom...the original gd rom is pretty hammerd anyway lol...i have 100 dreamcast games...but that one got mangeld by my boy when he was a toddler..i was thinking about 6 months ago to buy a copy when i saw it for 4.99 in a exchange shop..but then noticed it on a torrent site so i grabbed it...totally legal as far as im concerned..so really,its not asking how to rip a iso from a lagit gd rom...its asking how to play my back up copy on chankast as it will not boot when i re-rip it...the real question is...how do i make it work and whats the best type of image file to use...not how do i make a iso/image from a game.iso's are simple..but people always have to be diffrent...thats why we have like 300 types lol...i wish everyone just stuck to mdf and mds and plain iso's...but anyway..on topic...another issue i didnt state earlier was that when i mount the image i made or put my back up disc in the comp..it just shows up as a 1kb winamp media file lol...all my othr games show up normally as data n stuff ...but not soul calibur...so how can i extract the contents of my disc or iso to put the file you provided for me?(thank you by the way:) )...did you do this with soul calibur? and what iso software did you use?..i usually use magiciso,alcohol,clone cd...just started messing with disc juggler (trial version)..and i get the same results..an 1kb music iso lol..but as i said before my soul calibur backup works perfect in my dreamcast...but its one of those games that should never die so i reallly want it to play on my pc..so my dreamcast (which is pretty moshed lol!) can die naturally lol..and i wont lose soul calibur!...of course once i manage it...ill have to try my hand at my shenmue game...but hey thats another story.lol.

April 15th, 2005, 23:42
I see where it might look confusing, the rar was made for people who ripped their own GD-Roms (long and difficult) but it works for this purpose too. Just literally copy/paste the contents of the disc into the "data" folder. You just run it straight there if you wanted to, but the game name will be wrong. To correct it you have to edit the BAT file, but it's not that hard to do...

April 16th, 2005, 12:59
yes but as i said if i was to copy the contents all it would copy is a 1kb winamp media file

April 12th, 2006, 20:50
Onky, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, I had the same problem with Resident Evil Code: Veronica Disc 2 and searched many forums for answers with no luck but your little solution worked perfectly! Thanks alot!