View Full Version : Rascalboy Advance Step by Step, a guide to linking! :)

August 8th, 2004, 00:56
Hi everyone!, I was watching in this forum that some people is asking for help on "how to link" in Racalboy Advance. I had lots of problems too last week trying to do it becuase is not so obvius for "newbie" players like me and others :) So here it is:

1) Open the cartrige you like. For example Pokemon ruby.gba (not zipped)

2) Be sure that "Communication port" is on and select in the "emulation" option "start emulation" and go on like a normal playing.

3) Open a new "rascalboy" windows and load the cartridge you want, you can use the saves of other emus by renaming the normal saves to "x.srm" and "x1.srm" where "x1" is the second window of Racalboy.

4) go to the linking section of the game and follw the nessary steps and Enjoy! :)

One important thing is that if the game freezes when it tries to link, turn on the sound if you have turn off because in my case is the problem. I can trade pokemons betwen 2 different cartridges so the thing works, althought sometimes it may crash :( Something is better than nothing :)

I hope this guide is clear and usefull, please, correct the grammar mistakes if you find them :)

August 11th, 2004, 00:15
i got a question, can u accualy play games with it becasue you are opening a second window, wont the first window be deselected and unable to controle both games at once?

August 20th, 2004, 01:02
Sorry for the delay, I do not know if it is possible or not, I just use it to trade my pokemons. Just savegame on the Pokemon center and that all I do right now :) I hope they solve the compatibility problem soon :)!