View Full Version : Donkey Kong 64 help!

July 26th, 2004, 18:41
Hi, everyone

I am playing DK 64 with the project 64 v1.5 and got stuck. I am in angry aztecs and I getting crazy getting that stupid animal free. (You know, is necessary to free it in order to free Lanky)
I take Donkey to the barrels in the sky, but I can't go more than three jumps in sequence, and always fall to the floor.
Have to do something special while jumping barrel to barrel?
Maybe I am a bit clumsy? :P
Well, I don't mind to use cheats and it would be a great help to tell the code to liberate Lanky. I mean, go to adding cheats, introduce a code or codes and then Lanky is on the switch barrel (or something like).