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April 28th, 2004, 17:39
Some people werent happy that i didn't test JNES on my Comparsion (http://aep-emu.de/Sections-req-viewarticle-artid-87-newlang-eng.html)
some days ago. So i did make up for it and here are my findings:

Emulation and GUI:

The Emulator's GUI doesnt have many Features. Just very few GFX Filters.
It does not have PAL Support, so every PAL Game was
played with NTSC Timings and Speed. Graphics are average. Palette
Colors are correct but some Games Effects aren't supported yet.
Sadly, the sound is kinda bad. Some effects are played as some kind
of sine-wave yet. 12 out of 20 Pts.


The Sound or PAL Issues havent been included to the benchmark, because
they are general Problems and affected the E&G Emulation Points allready.
Sadly, many Games didnt work.

3-in-1_(E)_[!].nes doesnt start at all. 0/4
Aladdin_(E)_[!].nes crashed when i started a Game 1/4
All-Pro_Basketball_(U).nes didnt start at all. 0/4
ASO_-_Armored_Scrum_Object_(J).nes had some GFX Misplacements. 2/4
Asterix_(E).nes had a misplaced background. 2/4
Duck_Tales_(E).nes worked fine. 4/4
Final_Fantasy_3_(J).nes didnt show the flashing on Fight-encounter. 3/4
Nintendo_World_Cup_(E)_(REV_3).nes worked fine. 4/4
Nobunaga's_Ambition_2_(U).nes was unplayable because of graphics Mess. 1/4
Super_Mario_Bros_2_(E)_[!].nes worked fine. 4/4


12 Points for Emulation and GUI out of 20 possible
+21 Points for Compatiblicy out of 40 Possible
=33 Points all inclusive out of 60.
or 55% out of 100.

Measures and criterias are the Same as in my Comparsion (http://aep-emu.de/Sections-req-viewarticle-artid-87-newlang-eng.html).
I hope to see improvements for the Contras in the Future.

sincerely yours

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April 28th, 2004, 20:27
Nobunaga's_Ambition_2_(U).nes was unplayable because of graphics Mess. 1/4

A Mapper 5 game.

Jabo said he'd take a shot at this, and I haven't looked at 5.2 yet to see if any progress was made here. Ahh, some day. :)

April 29th, 2004, 14:41
Cool reviews can be informative, some of the games i've never heard of before so it seems you guys are hardcore, I'll try to give some feedback :watsup:

All-star basketball seems to work for me, there may be a disconnect between us on that one.. As for PAL support, it is actually coming in the next version... not sure about the comments on sound.. ah well everyone has different ears I guess :p

Not sure when the next version will be out..

Btw if anyone was bored like I was, i went searching on google for some research, found some really nice things, but these comments on nintendo's own forum were what got my attention.


April 30th, 2004, 10:59
Hmm..interesting read Jabo.

April 30th, 2004, 11:56
Nice to see Jnes mentioned in both Threads This and that one.
Emulators have actually made people go out and Buy the Consoles right across the boards via E-Bay or local second hand shops if they are lucky to have those shops.

Jnes is a excellent Nes Emulator and to be honest happens to be my Favourite.
I have tried every nes Emu there is and for overall Performance and look and feel Jnes comes out top for me for a few things:

User Friendly GUI
Nice Input and Video
Superb Netplay with Recursion and zip support.
Damn Fine Rom Browser.
and great cheat dialog that actually tells you what the damn cheat name is and even have a note feature for code usage Instructions or warnings.

April 30th, 2004, 16:49
I love that first post in the Nintendo forums thread, the one about how it "kills the whole experience".

I think this guy needs to quit speaking for the rest of us.

The "Nintendo experience", generally involving spending far too much time in just trying to keep your games working, losing save games, etc... it isn't worth it. ;)

It's also nice to see that one of the replies contains the usual BS about the legality of roms. I wonder if somebody will bother to correct him.

April 30th, 2004, 19:28
Another cool thing about Jnes is that it supports stereo sound-something that I believe no other NES emulator supports. The cheat database is cool as well. :)

May 1st, 2004, 15:13
JNES for me is not the best emulator...... but is really awesome... gfx filtering is really great, since i use even in n64 emulators.......rom browser is suberb too :D

May 5th, 2004, 08:27
JNES for me is not the best emulator...... but is really awesome... gfx filtering is really great, since i use even in n64 emulators.......rom browser is suberb too :D

Yeah thsi emu is a great one, my first one, too!
It has a lot of good ideas and a great guy, but sadly no real developpment is seen...
Hope our all loved jabo will continue the work on it... sometimes...
like the work on his N64 plugins (bwt making a DX8&9Plugin :P )
Just kidding!
JNES Rocks!