View Full Version : Strange problem with Zelda OoT.

March 13th, 2004, 14:56
Hmm, I hope some1 can point me in a direction to solve this really annoying problem that I have with Ocarina of Time. Im running UltraHLE2064 with the OpenGL plugin for UltraHLE v 1.05 resolution 1024*768.
Everything is fine, I can run the game and play it almost to the end, however, when Link has defeted the IronKnuckle in the spirit temple and you see that its Nabooru, the game hangs... or rather the graphics stop updating.
At FRAME:2663925, CPU:30.1% graphics go to GFX:0.0%
SOUND, IDLE and FPS continue to update, but GFX is 0!!!

Has anyone some tips about this, is it a bad ROM or something to do with the emulator?

It would be nice to be able to continue the game! I've tried to include my specs, do you need any more info?

Thanks in advance for any tips.