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January 6th, 2002, 19:48
hi there! I have a problem with Zelda OOT in PJ64 1.4. Looks like the 2d graphics are "pulled down". My rom is good and played perfectly in PJ64 1.3. Here is a screenshot with the problem.

January 6th, 2002, 19:51
a more accurate pic

January 6th, 2002, 20:10
I don't know what you mean is wrong with the 2picture but when you mean the heart you must set it to inter-or externel what are your settings?

January 7th, 2002, 22:17
Try downloading the latest rdb here (http://www.smiff.clara.net/emulators/pj64/PJ64RDB_v1.4.02.zip). If the prob is what I think it is, this should work just fine...

January 7th, 2002, 22:26
Yer... Latest rdb @ http://www.smiff.clara.net

I take it that's a PAL game... And, that's a resolution problem...

/me slaps himself

I wonder why I even bother posting something if people won't even look at it...

January 7th, 2002, 23:13
Thank you all. Now it works fine. :pj64: CU ALL!

January 8th, 2002, 04:01