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December 30th, 2003, 22:45
Hey, I'm having trouble with the rumble feature in PSX games. In PJ64 I have a nice and accurate rumble (better than real n64) but with ePSXe I be in the middle of a mine field, step on a mine, and trigger a HUGE chain reaction and I'd BARELY feel a "tick" from my controller. I've tried everything I can think of and there's still barely any response of a shake from my controller. Please help me. It IS a DirectX force-feedback.

December 31st, 2003, 00:58
In ePSXe, Config -> gamepad -> pad1 -> in upper right, set to Digital/Analog, set "rumble type" to DirectX and set big/small motors to "sine."

December 31st, 2003, 03:31
i appreciate your help, but I've already done this. I just get a little "tick" when I'm in a HUGE rumble-inducing area. Please tell me of a plugin that might help. My hands don't need a light tickle, they need to be SHAKEN.

December 31st, 2003, 05:55
Sadly, the rumble effects in Epsxe are minimal and unrealistic at the moment. I've never actually gotten a psx game to rumble correctly like a real psx with Epsxe. But it's doesn't bother me much. It would be nice if the rumble actually worked like a real psx though. The rumble in epsxe also seems to die after a while. Mostly in FF games. When you start the game, it does rumble in the first few battles. But after a short time of playing the rumble doesn't go anymore. I guess there is still a few bugs left with dual shock in epsxe.

Having said that, I've found that using the harakiri pad plugin with PCSX does have rumble and it feels better than the rumble in epsxe. PCSX with the harakiri pad plugin also enabled rumble in MEtal Gear SOlid. A game that doesn't rumble at all with Epsxe.

December 31st, 2003, 08:43
i appreciate your help, but I've already done this. I just get a little "tick" when I'm in a HUGE rumble-inducing area. Please tell me of a plugin that might help. My hands don't need a light tickle, they need to be SHAKEN.

Thanks man. Does the emu run good? I appreciate your help.

December 31st, 2003, 20:32
The compatability's not as good, but as long as it runs your games then it doesn't matter. Does your controller have a configuration utility for rumble settings? I'm wondering because my controller rumbles just as well in ePSXe as it does on my real PSX.

January 1st, 2004, 00:25
well, my controller is a "Saitek Dual Shock Analog" and for some reason it takes a second to rumble. Unfortunately, by the time it's ready to rumble (no pun intended) the action in ePSXe is already done, so I just get "tick" from the small moter and NO large moter response. With pj64, it seems to respond faster, and with more force. I just tried Pcsx and I'm having trouble reading cd images. I'd use the original cds, but FMVs play VERY choppy on my cd burner. I've used all the plugins I can get my hands on, oh well...

March 21st, 2011, 02:30
I followed these instructions now my controller rumbles with any game the right way ...dont forget to hit f5 during gameplay to turn dualshock on...

i thought i would contribute something back to the community seeing as i have used this forum to download so many great psone games...:nod:

Ok, i have had considerable trouble getting my xbox360 pad fully functional(getting the right stick to function properly and getting the force feedback working) but after some google searching i finally found a working solution.

Before starting ensure your xbox 360 pad is plugged in and recognised by your operating system.

First you need a few files:
1. Latest xbcd drivers (v107) - created specifically for xbox controllers
2. Winxp xbox360 driver (v0.2.0) - xbcd specific
both can be downloaded from here:

i have done a short step by step guide (how to install the drivers) which is very similiar to a more graphical guide on the website link above (has pretty mac os pictures), u should look at that also to get a better idea of what im talking about. Look for "the guide" link at the top of their page. Once you'e finished doing the drivers then read steps 11 - 18 to configure xbcd specifically for epsxe.

How to install the correct drivers

step 1: Download the above files

step 2: Install xbcd

step 3: Extract zipped xbox360 driver contents

step 4: In the extracted files run(double click) the install.bat file

step 5: Open device manager (start menu > control panel > system > hardware(tab) > device manager

step 6: Locate your xbox 360 pad drivers (should be under microsoft common controller for wndows class)

step 7: Go to update xbox 360 controller drivers (right click > properties)
"this should open the wizard"

step 8: In the wizard select "install from list or specific location..." click next.

Step 9: Click "dont search i will choose the driver to install" click next

step 10: Highlight "xbcd xbox 360 gamepad" click next (dont worry about the warning not digitally signed message just ignore, click "continue anyway")

how to configure xbcd for your xbox 360 pad and get it working in epsxe

step 11: Open notepad and copy/paste this code into it:

profile0=27292a280a090b0c020301040506070 8191a1c1b1 d1e2423

step 12: Save this file as "dual analogue fix.xgi" important:make sure the "save as type" is all files

step 13: Open xbcd "setup utility"(should have a shortcut in your start menu > all programs)

step 14: Click open (in the bottom left hand corner) locate your "dual analogue fix.xgi" and click open.

Step 15: Click apply (on the bottom next to reset, exit)

step 16: Close it then run epsxe (1.5.2 or 1.6)

step 17: Go to config > game pad > pad 1

step 18: Set-up all your buttons

rumble settings:
Type - directx(1.5.2), dx1(1.6)
big motor - constant
small motor - sine

your finished :thumb0sn:

Now test! ---i tested with ape escape ntsc/u and it worked perfectly)- :partyman:

Edit: Dont forget to press f5 to enable analog function if the left/right sticks aren't working...