View Full Version : Mapper #40

December 6th, 2003, 02:02
I was running through some games yesterday when a friend and I started talking about mario, and I pointed out that the USA Mario 2 was not the same as the Jap Mario 2. He didn't believe me, so I said I'd show him and brought up the Jap SMB2, only to find out Mapper #40 isnt't supported, is it possible to add in mapper #40?

December 6th, 2003, 09:22
If you want to play it now, try using VirtuaNES.

December 6th, 2003, 17:40
Yeah if you want to check it out there is quite a few that support it, I played that rom at one point in NESten .. wasn't that impressed that's why there isn't even any partial support for it