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January 4th, 2002, 05:02
ello ello everyone~! :)

i am planning now to save up to buy computer parts and hopefully successfully putting it together....

and i am puzzled with what parts i should buy....
actually processor...

this will be a pure gaming machine.... no applications besides applications i need like os.... and maybe applications to system tweaks or game enhancement such and such.....

my budget is not nice to work with.... but i am willing to save up.... but i would like to know.... which processor should i go with.... this is a hard idea...

well.... most of the stuff i am planning on doing is.... gaming..... and emulation :) i am an emulation freak like all of ya! :) well... my main objective is n64 emulation.... and psx.... :) if i could do that i could do anything below.... well i guess.....

i have limited choices.... because i want to try to get a slim case... you know those smaller towers ?


so if anyone knows much please share....

and im not sure but not all mother boards fit in? is that true?

so it limits down on what i am getting at..... :(

well theres amd and intel..... no cyrix.... ;)

then theres what i can afford... do celeron systems work well? in generally and in emulation? n64.....?

theres speed.... 1000mhz beat p3 500?

and theres amd... dont know much.... duron any good in n64 emulation? well... dunno but any help is appreciated! please i am very confused!

thanks for the time to read


January 4th, 2002, 07:04
Go with a duron system if you can. AMD is known for it's higher performance at lower frequencies. A duron easily beats a Celeron and even meets the P3 in performance at any clock speed. Plus they are easy overclockers for even more performance. You can get an easy 33% increase in clock speed with a decent hsf. But, your selection of motherboards will be limited. A Chaintech CT-7AIV2 Socket-A KT133 microATX would do the trick though.

You can find both at Pricewatch (http://www.pricewatch.com)
Duron 1000mhz=50$
Chaintech CT-7AIV2=70$

January 4th, 2002, 20:11
thanks thanks! this is going to be fun :)
i think that pretty much covers everything he he....

well.... does anyone know how well the duron performs in n64 emulation? i use all emulators... and see there cons and pros...

feedback would be nice :)


EDIT..... hmm sorry for all the trouble but i just checked out chaintech m/bs.... and i found a review at


..... this m/b has no agp slot? ack ? because i was going to use my old tnt2 m64 with tv out.... and leave it as a console in front of the tv.....

support would be nice :|

January 4th, 2002, 22:14
Try a Fic az31.

Just so you know, You're not going to get as good overclocking performance in comparison to a full atx motherboard. Microatx is made mostly for the discount market, not overclocking.

January 5th, 2002, 06:39
thank you very much :)

how well do amd athlons perform with n64 emulation?

i am thinking about athlon 900 mhz / 1000 :)

and if anyone has it... rest of system specs and feedback would be nice :)

thanks everyone


January 5th, 2002, 09:01
CPU: PIII-1 or 1.1GHz
RAM: 256Mb
Video: GForce2 32 or 64Mb (Driver Direct 3D)
Sound: (Classic)AWE32 or AWE64, (new)SoundBlaster Live

January 5th, 2002, 09:08
If only i had a geforce 2

time to start saving again.

January 5th, 2002, 13:07
save for geforce 3 ;)

January 6th, 2002, 05:32
CPU: PIII-1 or 1.1GHz

hmm... only intel? does anyone know much about amd athlons ? or durons?

how they perform?

thanks.... in all emulators would be very greatly apreciated...

January 8th, 2002, 11:31
i'm about to do the same thing you're doing. this is what *i'm* gonna do, and this is after thorough reading/testing and other research.

pricewatch.com for all listed items:

an athlon with the 266 mhz bus. i'm going to get at least a 1ghz athlon, which should be fine, but with the 266 bus i can upgrade to an athlon xp later, when they get cheap. ~$150 (with shipping)

a geforce 2 400 mx. apparently the difference between the 200 and 400 is HUGE. ~$60 (with shipping).

the rest hardly matters, though bulking up on ram is ALWAYS a good idea, especially when 256 mb of ddr ram is only ~$50

i was thinking of doing the machine as a console with a tv, too, but due to where i'm putting it (coffee table), and the added cost of a tv out card, i'm just gonna use an old 15" crt.

i can't wait to have nes/snes/n64 2 player action on my coffee table. people will love it!


January 9th, 2002, 04:27
I've had my Duron for about a year and have had great preformance out of it, with N64 emulation AND PSX. Although as of recent I've found it's starting to show slowdowns here and there. With PJ64 1.4 I can't run many games at a steady 60 fps. That's why I'm upgrading to an Athlon XP 2000+ teamed up with the GeForce 3 Ti500. Guna sell my Duron w/o sound blaster for $800 (CAN).

Duron 600 mhz
256 MB RAM
GeForce 2 MX
Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer