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September 11th, 2003, 17:59
First let me start by welcoming everyone to the sixtyforce forum! IMO it is a great thing to finally see this awesome emultor being developed again. I hope with the feedback in this forum it will grow into a very powerfull emulator that could even rival some of it's PC Competition. But, like everything I know everyone may or may not agree with that statement or think it could happen as quick as I may make it seem. So with that in mind, let's set some guidelines for this forum so that we don't have repeated topics or posts that do nothing to help development or share screenshots.

1. This forum is for a Mac based Emulator, if you don't have a Mac and don't like them please don't use this forum to bash the Mac computer system or this emulator. PC Emulators should not be mentioned at all really with the exception of talking about plugin ports or anything that may help development of sixtyforce (ie. comparing screenshots)

2. As with all of emutalk.net, no rom requests of any kind will be tolerated. In most cases bans willl be issued if this occurs.

3. Remember, it will be released when it is, not a day sooner or a day later so don't beg for releases or anything of that nature. I belive this rule stands for alll emulators. (the exception to this is that if a beta is released, you may ask what needs to be done to bring it out of beta, although this information is usually provided in the readme of the beta)

4. Discussion of the Mac port of Mupen64 is allowed here but also remember that several threads have already been started and can be started in Mupen64's already existant forum.

5. Finally, realize that Sixtyforce started it's life as Mac1964, but now it has branched so far, that it is no longer considered to be a port. If an update occurs in 1964, it no longer is easily or quickly ported over, and of course with minor exceptions on both fronts, the same goes for some fix that happens with Sixtyforce being quickly ported over to the mac. Mac and PC are very diffrent systems, as a result, HLE in the 2 has become quite diffrent.

That's all I can think of for now! Thanx for reading this! & Enjoy the Forum!