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September 7th, 2003, 01:11
Celeron 366 MHZ
Intel I740 based video card (EONtronics Picasso)
not sure about anything else...

plugins's tried:
just about all of them.

I have a huge problem when I try to play Zelda. In OpenGL, the screen just completely screws up, and useually ends in a blue screen of death, in Direct3D the graphics look flicted (my favorite word, except for smite), and in Glide I have to use a wrapper wich slows it down. This, I can tell you right now, is all because of my graphics card, the I740, wich is notoriuos for being the most incompatable video card in the history of computer's. All I would really like to do is
to have the ability to make it work in OpenGL, wich doesn't look flicted and is much faster than other API's when I had tried it on other emulator's. It's confusing why it doesn't work on yours.

If you want to know about my driver's, I'm currently using mixed OpenGL and manufacturer driver's (I install the OpenGL driver's, then install the manufacturer's over them, keeping all the files with "OpenGL" in their name), but I have used them so that I'm only using one driver and it STILL screws up!

The OpenGL driver's come from a program called GLsetup, and I can't remember where I got the manufacturer's driver's, only that their hard to find since EONtronics went out of buisness.

UltraHLE was a great emulator, it ran faster than all the other's (except for Corn), even though it had to run through a Glide wrapper. What a rare quality. And since Corn has been canceled,
UltraHLE 2064 is just about my only hope, because Corn locked up when you pressed start, and you CAN'T complete a game that you can't use the start menu on. So could someone please find out what's wrong? Zelda worked on other emulator's, albeit slowly, by the way...

September 14th, 2003, 19:43
Get at least another 64 MB of system memory before even inquiring about game's freezing up. How much memory does your video card have, BTW?

September 15th, 2003, 03:42
3 words: don't even bother.

EDIT: I mean his machine is waaayy to slow & sub-par GFX wise for decent N64 emulation generally speaking.

If you are still determined, i'd reckon your only real choice is uHLE. Still, that should let you play OoT OK. Might need another 32-64MB RAM, though, not sure.

September 15th, 2003, 14:58
3 words: don't even bother.

If you are still determined, i'd reckon your only real choice is uHLE. Still, that should let you play OoT OK. Might need another 32-64MB RAM, though, not sure.

2 words: why not?
If you dont like ultrahle, dont post in our forum slagging the emulator off. He should be able to run zelda perfectly fine with other third party plugins such as jabos directx plugin.

September 16th, 2003, 03:03
Whoa whoa I wasn't insulting the emulator, I was saying his machine was way below minimum requirements (for N64 emulation in general.) I was saying, though, that I don't think, AFAIK, that any 3rd party emulators will work on his GFX system (Jabo's certaintly wouldn't AFAIK,) so his only real choice would be uHLE's built-in GFX, which I do not know if uHLE 2064 has - it might, never tried it myself - and I certaintly don't mean that as an insult to the emulator.

The Khan Artist
September 16th, 2003, 17:54
Bah. Zelda was playable on my K6-2 400 with 64MB RAM and Voodoo Banshee. Barely, but it worked. And that was with the original UltraHLE.

I recommend trying Glide64 + eVoodoo 3.99. It may or may not work, but that's all I can offer.